Paris Marathon 2011

Bonjour tous le monde. Back after popular request, an 'official' Paris Marathon 2011 thread. Which is pretty much a continuation of the same thread going back many years.  This is a popular race for British runners who make up the largest group of non-French runners.

The official date for registration begins on 15th September. Registration is pretty simple and straight forward, unlike the experience many have with the London Marathon. Places are normally available for a couple of months straight off the website, with a nice counter showing how many places are left. No waiting up overnight, queueing in the vain hope of getting a place.  It's civilised, almost chic!

This is a happy thread. Feel free to be as bold, funny, chatty and cultured as you like.  You can even talk about running if you fancy


This is the link to the Official Marathon website (in English). Enjoy the thread.



  • The new threadimageimage

  • Hurrah & huuzah.

     I can safely use this thread in the knowledge that I intend to run it again in 2011. 

     I felt such a fraud on the 2010 thread image

  • I think this is Year 6 for a non-stop Paris thread  image

  • One of the final entries on the 2010 thread asked, nay begged, "please don't mention the Bristol Stool Chart" for fear of frightening any newbies off.  So I won't. Although it tends to drop down regularly...


    As this is a little bit of a new beginning, even for those of us who have been knocking around, feel free to introduce yourself and say a few words. I have no doubt that ATM will offer to host a Threaders Photo Gallery in due course.

    Why don't I get started. I've been running for a while now.  Some people say I'm in good shape. I like to wear sunglasses while I run and one of my arms has a funny tendency to swing a bit wide.  Here's a recent photograph*

    * of somebody else. But I do hear it was recently taken image

  • Hi all,

    I've been running for just over a year, and have done five 10ks and one Half Marathon.  The Paris Marathon is my goal, and I will register as soon as I can in September.

     Do any of you please have any recommendations for hotels to stay in Paris for the 2011 marathon?

     Obviously, I'm looking to be as close to the start of the race as possible, but also want to spend as little as possible.

     Thanks very much in advance for any advice.


    PS:  Is it perhaps also worth booking now?  (Even though registrations don't start till September)

  • Hooray! A new thread! And it took less than FIVE HOURS for the Bristol Stool Chart to get a mention! Definitely signing up for next year again.

    Jason - all hotels in Paris are overpriced but you might get a good deal if you book now. The race starts and finishes at the area around the Arc de Triomphe, but don't discount staying a bit further out - the transport system is very good and you won't need to pay city centre prices.

  • RR - howdy!!  Glad to hear that you are going for it this year.

    Jason - there are loads and loads of hotels around Paris look at a website like or something similar I went to the Le Meridien which is near the start and also Concorde La Fayette which is actually opposite Le Meridien both within walking distance of the Arc.  Didnt seem quite as expensive as last year.

    Whether I will make it this year I am not sure. 

    Fi - I went for my scan analysis this morning - it was amazingly clear.  I have a slight impingement in that the ball and socket joint on my right hip dont quite meet properly.  The consultant says this would have happened when I was about 11/12 yrs old when the bones set (this would I imagine explain why I slightly pronate on that leg).  The labrum which is the cartilage around the socket was shown to be really good apart from one small tear which was shown consistently throughout the various scan pictures.  Because of the impingement more pressure was being put on the labrum causing the tear.  So I am being referred now to a London hospital for a specialist to look at it with a view to keyhole surgery.  Only a few surgeons do this type of surgery so I have little option. The tear wont repair itself and the cartilage will deterioate so it has to be sorted by surgery so at least I know whats what now. So no high impact work cross training etc. for me for a while until its done. 

  • Thanks, RR.

     Does anyone have any hotel recommendations? 

     I'll be staying for about 4 nights. 

    thanks very much,


  • Ooooh it's all shiny bright and new! How purty!

    NGUG - did they think that the tear was what's been causing the problem so if it's fixed then after a bit of recovery you'll be good again? That would be wonderful to get a fix. Do you feel any better now that you know what the problem is?

    Jason there are loads of good hotels around the arc. Also if you want to go a little further out the metro line 1 runs the length of the avenue and beyond to the business district where there are also lots of good hotels - these may be a little cheaper and you can hop on and off the metro in minutes.
  • Glad you have a definitive cause to the problem NGUG. And given it's all keyhole, I don't imagine it will take you long to recover and get back to running. Is it clear that you are not allowed to run before you have your operation?

    Jason - I think the message is, look around. There are really hundreds of hotels within a couple of kilometres of the start line. If you factor in just 20 minutes travel on the excellent public transport system in Paris, that goes up to thousands of hotels. I appreciate you want to do things 'cheaply', but that term means different things to different people so it's hard for anyone to give a recommendation.

    In my opinion, anything under €100/ night is cheap (but not inexpensive!). Using a website like TripAdvisor, you can see lots of people's comments about a certain hotel and you can make a judgement for yourself.  Just remember, people tend to put down the negative comments on these sites, so you rarely get to hear from the people who were quite happy with their stay.

    If you want to spend less than that, stay a bit further to the edges of Paris. Good luck!

  • Helterskelter - yes the consultant saying it was and that he hoped that that would sort it now - fingers crossed.  Yes, I feel so much better now I know for sure what it is seeing it in black and white unfortunately due to hols etc. might have to wait until I get back to fix it. 
  • TD - no I can still run but not to the point of exhaustion and preferrably on the tready - lots of crosstraining allowed too so I can still keep fit..
  • 'afternoon, all..

    Hello, Jason. This  hotel is just a few yards from the Start and is typical of lots in the same area...just to give you an idea of price etc..* If you want a bath, as opposed to a shower, be sure to spell that out*..It's worth looking at the Metro map and considering a hotel further out but on a direct line.   ( Try 1,2 and 6 ) This  is a wonderful tool for working out routes. Wherever you go, you'll pay for the room..not per head. Are you travelling alone?

    Paris is a lovely image  Here's a  Course Map * Activate ‘ panoramio’ on the right and you’ll see the sights en route *
    <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

    Well, that's good news in a way NGUG. Now, you know. Any idea when they'll get round to doing it? What can you do, meantime? Swim?

  • Afternoon all, how glad was I to see a new thread, as not been on the old 1 for a couple of weeks and would have taken me ages to catch up. 

    NGUG - pleased to hear that something is being done for you, just take it easy until the op (oh how easy it is to say that to others!!!!!)

    Jason - last year I booked my hotel through as they give you a great selection and you dont have to pay anything now and you can cancel upto 24hours before you are due to go without paying any money, I have already booked with them again for next year, staying at a Best Western about 2 mins walk from the start.

    Hoping my plaster will come off on 16th July and will then start my physio.  Ive not used the crutches they hurt my hands too much so gave up on them.  Managed to walk round and do the race for life very slowly but at least i did it.

    Well heres to many more months of chat, worries, aches, pains and stool charts!!!!!!

  • ATM - know what you mean not exactly rejoycing at the idea of surgery but has to be sorted.  The consultant said he would write asap to the surgeon so that an appointment could be made for me.  He is aware of my holiday dates and said it was a bit of a bad time as the surgeon could be away like loads of people are at the mo.  He doesnt want me to hang around too long though so I suspect it will be quite quick.  In the meantime its low impact stuff and making sure I don't over flex that leg.  I have been thinking I would try and concentrate on removing the carb weight I gained last spring so it gives me something else to focus on too.  I guess swimming is pretty low impact too..
  • HG - thanks - I understand I will be on crutches too for only a short time though.. glad the end is in sight for you Mrs... BTW newbies dont get put off by us walking wounded imageimage
  • I'm allowing myself to feel quite excited.  Only about another 250 days to go...

     NGUG - its good to know now what it is and that it can be fixed!

  • Just checking in so I get notifications, will catch up later.  I'm marshalling tonight at Astley Park in Chorley.4.4 park race.

  • NGUG glad you've got it sorted now.  I bet that's a relief. 

    Welcome to the thread, Jason, you'll get some first class advice on here from our travel expert ATM and our resident trainers DV and TD. I joined the thread last year and everyone makes you really welcome.

    I went to pilates last night for the first time in 4 weeks and ovesrtretched something which caused pain at the back of my knee meaning I couldn't straighten my leg properly so I've been limping about all day, but it's gradually going easier. I'm due my mid week long run tomorrow so I'm just hoping it's okay by then. I might end up doing it on the treadmill instead of on the road. At least I can stop then if I have to.

    Have we really got the stool chart out already???  Now who's going to be the first with a graph?

  • Good to see the 2011 thread up and running.... I am not sure if I'll be doing Paris next year depends on the London ballot.

    That said I have fingers crossed I don't get on to London as Paris is first reserve.

    back running properly again following rw 3h15 for Dublin which is in Oct.

    My money is on td for first graph
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Woop Woop!

    Hello everyone, targetting 3:30 this year at either London or Paris.

     Listen Carefully I will say this only once...

    Hotel Magda Etoile, walking distance to the start, good breakfast, not cheap but not robbery either.

    Has anyone heard from Jonb from 2009?  I saw his card in my boss's wallet the other day image

  • Well, the jump from 2010 was not too painful - a bit like being in the tardis!!!

    NGUG:  well at tleast you now know what you are dealing with and can get it sorted.  When will the appointment be with consultant surgeon?  Lots of time to get fit and up and running for Paris!!!!

    LR:  trust you to lower the tone of the thread on the first page - the good old stool chart, such memories!!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Hey where's everyone gone- I thought I was the only one moving?

    Pleased to say the family are in the new house. It's a squash and we still have about 100 boxes to go but nice not to have to travel this w/end.

    Sadly running does not go so well. The hip (left side) is back with a vengeance and can only do half hour plods at the mo- very sad image I'm with you on the injury bench NGUG. Nice to have you pop in Howey. Good going TD youir are on for a flyer.

  • Mr. Puffy wrote (see)
    Has anyone heard from Jonb from 2009?  I saw his card in my boss's wallet the other day 

    Have you changed jobs Mr.Puffy? - last I heard, it was only the Police who went round feeling other people's pockets?! What you doing looking inside your bosses' wallet?

    Leeds Rob - Bristol Stool Chart in all it's glory - on page 1 - you just couldn't help yourself could you? image

    Katb - go careful with that problem on the back of the knee. At the first sign of discomfort, I'd stop running and rest it for a bit.

    OO - I'm not sure you can keep on not paying attention to the problem with your hip my friend. You want to get yourself a visit to a specialist like NGUG. Something's not right. I suspect you know it and have been putting it off until other things are in place.  But now you are settled into the new job and the house move is completed, maybe it's time to get it sorted?

    Newbies and hangers on. This is such a cool thread to hang out on if you love running and like chatting about it. No sense of obligation to run the Paris Marathon to post here. The thread is open to all, even if you only have a vague notion that Paris would be a nice place to visit one day (it is), nevermind having a place in the race. So don't be quiet, chip in and keep the conversation going.

  • And if you've ever thought of volunteering at a big race..and fancy a trip to a lovely city...the organisers make you very welcome. It's a great way to see the Elite....and the hoi polloi including your fellow-threaders.. running.image

    Jason, the big difference between your Half and your Marathon training  may be your increasing interest in that chart...

    dm and Mr. Puffy! We hope London rejects you..

    * Welcome home , OO image *


    (In the interests of balance)

  • Morning all!

    Katb - just the painful bit for me to go now!!  Be careful with that leg.

    dm74 - TD is right everyone is welcome here whether you are doing Paris or not..

    Mr P - welcome backimage even if you do go through your boss' wallet image

    Fi - not sure when I will hear re the surgeon appointment imagine it will be fairly soon though.  Will keep you posted.

    LR - couldnt resist it could you!! What will the newbees think of usimage

    OO - being a woman I cant resist a nag - TD is right you should get that hip checked out - its not getting any better is it?  With mine the consultant says that if I dont get it sorted I could end up with arthritus in that hip and my running days would be over.. not worth hanging around - I am a bit cheesed off that I wasted 6/7 weeks with a rubbish physio before biting the bullet and going back to the doctor to be referred.  TD put it much more nicely than I did..

  • So, what marathons and other runs have you all done, then?

    As I said above, I've done five 10ks (various ones around London, and have the British 10k this Sunday).  And the Half Marathon I did was the Raneleigh Half Marathon a couple of months ago.

  • Marathon wise Jason I've done Paris twice and that's it!

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