Luton Marathon

Right well the wheels are really beginning to fall off my Berlin marathon attempt - thoughts of a pb are diminishing faster than something really really fast, and the question of withdrawing is looming ever larger.

So I was thinking of running Luton instead, so does anyone have any information about the course, thoughts, opinions or first hand experiences? I've looked at the Stropley Striders website but it doesn't give you much info.


  • Should I take the resounding silence to mean that no one has any knowledge about this?
  • Berlin or Luton? What a choice! I've not done it but am planning to do so this year. As I understand its three laps in largly rural surroundings - country lanes mostly. Its not a big field for the full marathon but numbers are swollen by a 3 stage relay. Spectator support is virtually non-existant and at that time of the year the weather is unpredictable but I fancy it anyway. Its organised by Stopsley striders. Their website is:
  • Thanks Ian. Unfortunatly its a choice that is looking likely to be forced upon me
  • Parky

    I've run them both. Did Berlin in 2001 and Luton in 98 (4 weeks after NYC!). If I had a choice again, which I haven't cos I'm living in Naples now, then I'd go for Luton.

    My experience of Berlin wasn't a good one, I thought the organisation was very poor and the course itself even worse. I lived in Germany for 6 years and visited Berlin twice in the early 90s. The Brandenberg gate was covered up with scaffolding and it was a bit of a squeeze through, and then about 2 thirds of the course was through drab housing estates. Having said that the support was very good the whole way around.

    Before I ran Luton I wasn't a fan of 'Lap courses' but I ran NYC in 3hrs and 8mins and was gutted because I thought I had a better run in my legs (boy, those were the days!!) The advantages of Luton are that as its a 3 lap course, after the first lap you know exactly where the up and down bits are so you can save your energy. If the family is watching they don't have to rush around too much. The disadvantage is that it is rural with little support and is a little undulating. That said I got a PB (at the time) of 3hrs and 4 mins - I guess thats why I prefer it!!

    Hope this helps.

  • Cheers for the info. I ran Berlin last year too and was hoping for a pb this year but my training has been so disrupted by injuries I was thinking of withdrawing (or this may actually be forced on me), and looking for something that would give me time to build up again.
  • nearly did luton last year...was put off by the course being undulating and 2 laps....i really really hate multiple lap courses.....and the idea of a marathon doing that really stinks...running 26 miles straight is one don't get to the end until you've done it kind of thing, but to run 13 and then have to do it all over again nooooooo! rant, there's a website somewhere for luton and a guy attached to it who replies to emails....
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