Too Fast.

Hey peeps,

I'm constantly being told that I'm running to fast, 3m in around 22mins though this does include a little walking as I've only being running approx 6 weeks with a lay off due to being poorly sick..... The thing is I don't feel like I'm running fast.

How do i slow down, when i don't feel like I'm going fast image

Thank you image


  • I am new to this too mate, I find the treadmill to be the only way to control how fast I am running atm.

    I live at the coast and love running on the beach but I find it nigh on impossible to control my pace, I end up running too fast and burn out before I do my distance.

     The plan is to get up to running 2-3 miles without walking and then take it outside.

    Just now I have a long beach by me which is 0.75 mi long, it's a nice distance to run twice at a fairly quick pace image

  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭
    Makes a change to see someone asking for advice on how to slow down!
  • Hi 1 stepway!
    Since I've been wearing a forerunner (or any device that shows your pace/speed) I've found it really easy to slow down. It's made a real difference to my long runs, they are almost painless now that I'm doing them at a sensible pace.
  • If you don't feel it, keep going, your'e going at the right pace!

    One mans fast is another mans plod.

    However if you are feeling it or failing to complete a run try talking (preferably with a running partner!).

    Say hello and pass a couple of pleasantries to all you meet to ensure you are running 'slow' enough!

    It'll make you and they feel better about the world........luverly image


  • Cheers peeps,

    Matt : I'd love to exchange a few pleasantries, I just don't seem to see anyone around at 05:00 - 5:30 when i do my run, Think thats cos most sane people are still asleep.

    I'm not doing anything more than 3 miles at the mo, 0 running experience and 20+ years of smoking to over come...but the distance before a stop is required is increasing to the point i only need to 2 short walks yesterday.


  • Same again, take it steady and get used to it image
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