mri scan

 hi people

i have just received the results from my mri scan as ive had a pain on the right side of my knee for some time ,anyway it  says ;

blunting of the inner free edge of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus which could represent a small radial tear.

 anyone had a similar injury and if so how do you get over it

many thnaksimage


  • Hello

    Well last FebruaryI started suffering from a painful knee.  Of course, I tried to ignore it and keep on running.  But unfortuately, it only got worse.  So eventually I went along to the doctor and she was also a keen runner.  She diagnosed a medial tear.  But said that I would need to see a specialist to have this confirmed.    Which I did.  I had an MRI scan and it was confirmed that I had a small medial tear to the left knee.

    He told me that unless I had the tear repaired through keyhole surgery it would not repair by itself.  So I went ahead and had surgery at the beginning of April.    II had the surgery done privately through BUPA.  I was in hospital early morning and out by early evening.  The first few days my knee was fairly sore.  But it really did improve very quickly after that.  I was given a range of various exercises to do to build the strengh back into the knee.   Which I did religiously.  These really worked.  And I was running again within 6 weeks.  My knee feels absolutely great.

    But I am not too sure if your tear is similar to mine or not.   As I said I was told that my tear would not heal on it's own.  As there is very little blood supply in the knee.

    Try to find out as much as you can about your tear.  I was told that if I kept running my tear could get even bigger.

     Let us know how you get on.

  • many thanks for your reply cat ,doc says it wont get any better ,oddly the pain isnt to bad when i run but going up a ladder or  coming down the stairs can be agony , doc says to rest   and go back in a few weeks for a reveiw, i will let you know how i get on image

  • +1 - cartilage tears don't repair themselves.  I damaged mine while skiing a couple of years ago and had surgery to repair it last year.  My advice if you do need surgery would be to run as much as you can prior to it.  This will strengthen your muscles and help your recovery.
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