Rear bike light

Got a bit of spare money and have been wondering about a rear light.

I already have  a basic cateye flashy one which i reckon does the job of alerting drivers when I'm in shade parts of the road during the day.  But if I head out at night it'd be nice give myself the best chance of being seen.

So, any suggestions?  I think it'd prefer something quick to mount and rechargable.  Weight isn't an issue obviously!  I already have exposure lights for the front of the bike.  I was thinking of getting a white light and customising it to emit red light if that'll be a good solution to create a nice pool of red light (i was thinking it'd be good to have a pool of light on the floor as there's not so much to be gained from purely blinding the driver behind!).

Thanks for your help.


  • I'd go for two smart half watt leds - I don't trust just one light on the rear. The dinotte is meant to be good as well - massive pool of red light - but bit pricey for me. You training already for regensburg ?
  • I agree with Cougie - the Smarts are the best rear lights I have come accross
  • cougie - well i enjoyed my one bike ride, so we'll see.  got a couple of weeks off to relax and get the miles in.

    thanks for the smart light recommendation, i'll take a look.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    another vote for Smarts and try to avoid riding behind someone with one - they are blindingly bright. the only downside is that can be prone to starting on their own - I've had a couple do that but have been replaced. the LBS have seen a few back with this issue and it seems a bit hit and miss

  • smarts are great - it's almost the standard on TT bikes. Also fibre flares are great as they give a large area of visibility.
  • is it the superflash one good?

    Smart Superflash Ultra Bright Rear LED Light

    on today's ride i was a little worried when i headed into forest sections on the busy roads.  would be good to ahve a decent light soon.

  • i just use mine in constant- its really bright, and lasts me 2-4 weeks in winter. I use a second old cateye on flash.....
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