gt 2140 - leg strain

I currently run in Asics GT 2140, which is good for general short distances, running at a slow pace. The moment I increase the pace and run longer distances I get leg strain. So much so, that I have to stop for a few days. It is my belief that it is the shoe. Has anyone experienced this problem?  Is it the shoe or me? Can anyone recommend an alternative shoe?


  • joe..............who recommended the shoe.................the 2140 is for those who overpronate quite a if you don't then they will cause you problems if you run any distance in them...........
  • Define "leg strain".  If it's just sore muscles then it's perfectly normal to get that if you run further or faster.

    If it's something more serious then... did you get your running gait looked at before picking those shoes?

  • Hi, I had the shoe recommended by a guy at Arosports in Hitchin. I did a test on the running machine and based on the test he recommended the GT2140. He did say that I do over overpronate but not too much. By leg strain I mean strain all over my legs, apart from feet. Strangely enough I feel it more after the run, when I walk.

    I ran about twenty years ago and never had these problems so I definitely think it is the shoe.

  • That sounds like DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which means you've worked your muscles hard and they're tired.  You're a fair bit older then when you used to run so it's not surprising your legs are complaining more.
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