Challenge Henley 2011

Interesting to see if it gets off the ground.  It'd be a hilly bike course, and a great place for a swim, but it would probably clash with the Vit.



  • wouldn't that be cool!

    The IM brand did manage to attract people from mainland Europe (and beyond) but not well reviewed. You'd think the Challenge brand would be successful in getting a few non-UK people here.

    perhaps not such good news for events like the Forestman....or the Outlaw (unless it does go on to become IMUK)

  • Sounds very interesting.

    IMUK will be in for some serious competition next year.

     I like the line from the councillor about the road/traffic officer

    "He said: “The officer’s issue is simply that he doesn’t want to see gridlock. If permission is given for the job, he will do as he is told. Personally, I welcome the event and will do my best to see it happen.”

  • oooh ...  just down the road from me !
  • This is great news if they can pull it off.  It's my old stamping ground and I'd love to see this level of race happening there.
  • Meli, healthy but not direct competition if held in September?    Of course the Vit may well be under threat

    It will be a well lumpy bike course thats for sure,  we did an early sportive around Henley this year
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Sounds fantastic!
  • Meldy - the outlaw is not yet sold out - and nor do other non-IM long distance events in the UK. It might do next year if it's very successful this year. I think the market is there, you just have to persuade people to do their yearly IM in the UK.  

    I think the Vit will be OK - fills up well in advance and a lot of people only want to do a half.

  • Yeah I agree ..  so I dont think any of the other events are under threat from this per se, it will do them good to have the competition,  I think they have pitched the timing well as Henley will be well into Olympic mode as well by then so it will be a good test of the infrstructure as well
  • Which Olympic events are at Henley?  The rowing's at Dorney, are they doing the long-distance swimming at Henley perhaps?
  • lurks excitedly
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    long distance swims are in the Serpentine
  • They are hosting a lot of teams, whilst the events may not be taking place there it will see a lot of action in the build up
  • Defo interested in this (but for 2012).  Personally for me, it would be good to do a UK-based 140.6 as I can't really justify the expense of a foreign trip and inconvenience to Jr's life
  • More importantly...... How flat is the Henley area???
  • It's not.  Google the Chiltern Big Dipper and check out the profile.  That's a sportive local to the area
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    the Henley area can be flatter if you go south or east though - it's only really the Chilterns that give it the bigger hills and they are to the north.

  • One of my long rides went through Henley a week or two back and there was a long downhill into town and a long uphill coming out towards Oxford.  But since it's on the Thames if you follow the river it's got to be pretty flat.
  • Standingf up for hills helps to stop your arse from getting sore from too long in the saddle.

    Who said I was negativeimage

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    How long do the current IMUK people have the franchise/license for?

  • M.ouse wrote (see)

    How long do the current IMUK people have the franchise/license for?

    WTC bought back the franchise but it seems that "Ironman UK Events" are still organising the event.

    Linky thing

    Don't know how long that will continue.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    thanks Gertie



  • Should be a good off road run along the river towpath as well
  • I live in Henley and can tell you any possible ride of any decent length is very bumpy, but beautiful! Can't wait for this...
  • my neighbourhood too image

    don't think I'll be fit enough for next year - though will probably volunteer for marshalling duties instead

  • i've thought for a long time that the henley/oxford area would be excellent for an IM event.  easy access for lots of people, especially me.  scary hills though (for me).  i expect it will be a very quaint event it being henley; cream teas at the aid station, rousing live orchestral music at the finish.
  • barlos and I did a ride from henley last year.  the first 15 miles were pretty shocking!
  • fraggle wrote (see)
    though will probably volunteer for marshalling duties instead
    Great idea!  Think I will be up for that providing it does not clash with The Vit
  • There may have the relay option as well.
  • Is that aimed at me, LN?  Hoping to do The Vit next year so would not want to do relay beforehand.  Depends on the timing tho.  If there was a serious Pirate Outing in 2011, it will be good to marshall  Got serious 2012-participant-potential for me tho image
  • <lurks>


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