Challenge Henley 2011



  • just been reading some of the comments in the Henley Standard and was amazed to read this one - until I saw the signature....

    "Im afraid I must agree with those against these events. The regatta has been nothing less than the ruin of the town. Henley should be the preserve of those rich enough to deserve its delights. In any case, the piffling exploits of inferior persons engaged in sport, the arts and other such nonsense should not be allowed to spoil the routine of the established and very, very important Henley populace.

    A. Streeb-Greebling"

  • Awesome work Jaffa, brilliant time on the bike!

    My blue band envy turned to pint envy very shortly after that, going past that pub! image

  • Jaffa - sounds like you had a bit of a battle on the run - but you won it.  Two IMs in one season - awesome, young man. image
  • I wonder if Henley will continue for 2013? It's very local to me, and it would be nice to do a doorstep challenge. I don't think I could do it 10 weeks after Outlaw...
  • That's what jaffa did cat5! although it was less than 10 weeks!
  • Ah, but Jaffa has previous!

  • Cat5

    10 weeks is imminently doable between these 2 events,  in all honesty I'd have probably preferred 4-5 weeks to the 8 that I had as that seemed to be a bit of a non-time and possibly why I was in a cba mode for a few weeks,  10 weeks would have given time for a couple more weeks of decent work,  I'd suggest going for it,  it's a great event as well and neither of them are the toughest courses out there.  If you want any pointers let me know.

  • Aww Jaffa. Well done :0)
    Great report JAFFA
    fat buddha wrote (see

    I think Henley needs to do some navel contemplation about the event and read the reactions of the locals in Tenby amazing
    They printed my letter bottom rightimageimage
  • Anyone seen or heard anything of SteveHo since Henley? He seems to have vanished off the face of the forum.
  • sorry the for vanishing act been rather feeling bit depressed the last couple weeks and days leading up to henley with crap news from work. Got drunk on the friday which i normally don't drink, leaving me rather tired on race day and pulling left calf on the 3rd lap of the run just wasn't fun.. been trying to forget those depressing weeks and focusing on work and the next event..
  • Sorry to hear that Steve.  On the plus side, it was a stonking bike leg.
  • Steve!!
    Hope the work thing is something that can be worked out, as it were, rather than something terminal.
    Given the circumstances, makes your race all the more impressive - once you'd finished fooling around in the water image

  • don't worry i'm over it now.. image 

    have to admit i did over cooked the bike leg and with poor nutrition strategy by completely forgeting to take on any gel untill after 2hrs in to the bike. did end up bonking on the bike at around 65miles but managed to pull myself together by going slightly slower and taking on more than usual amount of gels and drink..

  • as with work just have accept changes and hope its for the better...image

    Yep need to really focus on my swimming this winter rather than keep having to go flat out on the bike to make catch up.

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