My running diary

Hi all, you may notice this is my second thread, but I couldn't stand writing in a dairy image every other day.

so a synopsis of the previous thread:

chappersuk wrote (see) on 14/07/2010

Hi all, just been out this morning for the first time in years!image

I am aiming to lose my son - sounds horrid I know, but that's around my 'ideal' bmi as currently @ 92KG / 5'10" = 30 image I also am aiming to complete a first time ever 5K in 6 weeks; more than likely the Clapham Common get running one, then progress up the scale. I would love to do the 2012 VLM, its a goal to aim for anyway.

Keeping a weekly plan [taken from this site] the beginners 5k walk run one. Also before I started took all vital measurements so that I can track my progress on the body side while I progress with my running.

A little confession though, should of started yesterday and had today off, but was sooo tired I switched to this morning, and feel more awake after the first session.

Now my legs are like jelly image

Am aiming to also get decent running gear as i only have what RW described as 'As aerodynamic as a bouncy castle' t-shirts.

My kit list:

Asics Patriot 3 [for now - save the pennies to get 'proper' running shoes if I prove to the wife I am serious enough about running image]

That's enough of me blabbering on, just like to re-introduce myself as its been a very long time.

And more can be seen here

This will be my correctly spelt perm diary thread from now.

Thanks for all of the replies so far.



  • anyway's, I am feeling it really badly today. My quads and shins hurt, as I think I pushed myself too much yesterday.

    Am due to run-walk tomorrow morning and I can see myself taking it a bit easier image

  • Just read a few training faq's - and glad I did.

    The google Gmaps pedometer is excellent. Just mapped out my n00bie route and its 2.8K / 1.76M.

    That's just the start. one thing google is good for.

    its this for anyone who hasnt read some reader faq's:

    You just have to click record and the double click on the start point and carry on. remember the double click bit as I got stuck on just one clicking!

  • Hey Chappers, I enjoyed your 'dairy' tails image I'm a newbie and had been suffering different pains on each run so googled them and added a new stretch before my runs (and after) and, if that didn't work an extra rest day normally did. Just had my second run of 3.8k since a weeks holiday and no aches nor pains image

    Not sure if you visit other threads regularly? I found all the looooong threads a little intimidating as a newbie but joined in with the Jan 2010 Newbie thread, not ultra busy but a nice group of people. Why not pop by, read the last page or two and say hi, nobody bites apart from Eve_C image

  • well, just been this morning, with a 2min run / 4min walk, and covered nearly 4K overall.

    Took it easier today and didn't trash myself as I did on Wednesday, with also stretching and warming up the best I can [in the garden image] before starting and a longer cool down.

    Legs feel a it sore still, but the should go away over my rest days.

    Next training is on Sunday, so got a few days off to 'recover' image

  • Just come back, feeling OK and covered more distance somehow with my 2min run / 4min walk - 4.22K / 2.62miles [according to gmap].

    Didn't do any stretching before my session, but had 15 min cool down and I think the stretching before exercise has some merit image

    Nice old weigh-in and measurement taking day tomorrow. image

  • How did you get on with the weigh and measure Chappers?

    I threw out my bathrooms scales, but think it might be time to get some new ones!

    Corrah x

  • been very busy with laying llaminate floor, so have only done the weigh in, BUT have lost 1kg - now 91KG.

    Had to put yesterdays run on hold till tonight as was laying the floor until 12pm last night!

  • Remember to take it slowly mate, I think a lot of beginners either run too fast or take on too much distance too quickly.

    Stick with your run/walks and build up steadily is my advice.

    I'm a newbie too image

  • Well done Chappers

    I seriously need to get back to the diet, in fact, I think I will start next week.

    Steve is right though, take your time and enjoy your running.

    Corrah x

  • I do 3 days resistance/weights/core work and 3 days running atm so my diet is:

    Eat everything in paw range


  • Been on a 3min run / 3min walk [x4] and feel a bit knackered, but generally ok.

    covered 2.23Miles / 3,58K.

    Today's session was Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, but have thought about it, and decided to drop Tuesdays and carry on with the programme. Instead of catching up.

  • You should do that man, always listen to your body.

    Nothing stopping you spending 2-3 weeks repeating one week of the plan, if you get me?

    The important thing is to be comfortable and enjoy, there's no hurry to progess before you feel ready.

  • Been on my Sunday morning run, and feeling it a bit today. Done 5min run / 3 min walk [x3]. Weigh-in tomorrow, and I know I have probably put back the 1kg I lost last week as I have notice that I have been picking at food more.

    So the route today was 2.2Miles / 3.57K [gmap]. That includes the 3 min walks.

    From that route and knowing the timings, my first 5min run was ~1KM [slightly downhill], so therefore if multiplied to say, a 5K, would be around 30mins give or take for the length and duration of run.

    Broken down further, my second 5min run was ~870m with the last one [slightly uphill] was ~840M.

  • well done chappers ive enjoyed your diary so far ur doing well at sticking to your training. Try and eat little and often to stop picking at food and keep your metabolism going steady. I wish i could run on a sunday morning but too much of the wine last night means i shall be not moving at all fast today! I can cut out the bad foods but you aint gonna get me off the wine image
  • Morning all, its been a busy 10 or so days.

    On week 4 of the beginners route and completed one this morning:

    10min run / 2min walk [x2], then 5 min run.

    Breakdown: 1st 10min = ~1.16Miles / 1.86K

    2nd 10 min = ~1.03Miles / 1.66K

    3rd [5min] = ~0.65miles / 1K

    all took 29mins for ~4.52K

    first time in a while I'v ran a mile non stop without near failure image

    On the weight loss side, from 91kg, and note the weak 2nd week which put me back at 92kg, the third week [last week] I managed to get it down to 90kg, and at the beginning of the week [4th] I'm currently just under 90kg. image

    now to recover!

  • Don't focus too much on your weight man, just keep at it and enjoy your achievements.

     I am 6' and 90kg and I train 5 days a week, sometimes 6, your weight sounds normal to me image

  • im not really focusing on the weight side, but its nice to see myself no where near 15st I used to be image
  • Morning all,

    Sunday Run. image

    Im at the end of week 4 of beginners and truthfully, have only missed a few sessions from the beginning.

    Back to today.

    Done 8min run / 2min walk [x3].


    1st = ~1.5K // 2nd= ~1.4K // 3rd= ~1.3K [runs = 24mins for 4.2K]

    Overall distance including the 2mins walks = 4.7K.

    Now for breakfast - and a rest. - o yes and more decorating! image

  • Morning all.

    Its been a cr@p week to be honest.

    Week 5. Tuesday's run moved to Wednesday, doing 9min run / 1min walk [x3], and managed around 4.9K - basically a 5K run[walk] within 30 mins - anygood for a beginner?

    Then from there it went down hill. I didn't manage to get any more runs in that week and noticed I snacked a lot!. O dear, but the strange thing is that I weighed-in this week at 89Kg, even though I only managed the 1 run and ate more?

    by eating more - I mean cr@p image

    Anyway, As this is my 6th week, and a fresh start, I have decided to repeat the failed week 5 schedule, and have been on a very tiresome run this morning.

    I ran 9min run / 1min walk [x3].

    Now I'm knackered!

    Overall distance was around 5KM / 3.1Miles.

    I am surprised at this tbh, as it was a hard slog.

    now for food shopping!

  • wow its been a while.

    Had some setbacks to be honest.

    Had a week or so of basically 'cant be bothered'.

    Then I made myself to start again and get into it - and it worked for a week


    My ankle went. It erm clicked on the stairs as I was going up them and it hurt.

    So another week or so out to heal, then the kids went back to school.

    Bad idea.

    Second week in, my son came home with a cold and basically infected the household, and because I had pneumonia last year, my chest cant stand to get a small cold. Coughing and spluttering last week = no runs [bearing in mind my ankle situation] , then visited me GP and low and behold I have a chest infection.


    On amoxcillian 500mg for the rest of the week and I prob wont start again until at least 11th October to give myself some healing process. And if Amox dont cleear it completely I'd be out for even longer. arrg. image

    On another note;

    So am looking into winter/wet/autumn gear [cheap as poss [Sports directimage]] as I only have shorts - did have 2 paitrs until I decided to catch one pair pocket on a radiator and lose a leg image.

    Any adive on running jackets / watherproofs ect for the months ahead?

  • Hi all once again.

    Well I got me new toy of a Galaxy S which comes with GPS just before xmas.


    Then Runkeeper has the offer of pro download for free in Jan.

    Even better.

    Currently following a different training plan and will do me first ever race at the end of Feb.

    Between Oct and Dec, I didn't do anything running wise and i am another new years resolution runners that WONT quit or give up this time.

    Also I managed to get a waterproof running jacket for £15 [SD]


    Just for the trousers.... image

    Going on a steady 1.5miler later this afternoon.. ..

  • Just been on that 1.5miler, and feel good:

    runkeeper stats:

    Averaged 5.52min/KM - poss a bit too quick as it was a steady to moderate run, but heyho!

  • done a fast 20 min interval, knackered meself out a bit:

  • well done, keep it up image image

    If you are aiming to build up distance then I wouldn't worry too much about speed right now. Could be better to slow right down and then you'll find you can go further, or you could even try walk/run on at least one run a week so that you build up to a longer run. remeber too that rest is important! There are some good training plans on here that show the sort of progression that can work. Good luck!

  • Hi, Im currently following Runkeeper 5K Plan - Mike Deibler M.S., C.S.C.S  and on week 3 of 8, which co-incides with the Brooks Sepentine LFOTM 5K image


    Done fast interval today  - 25mins  of 10 x 1min fast + 1.30min slow

    Knackered now! lol

  • Just wanted to say well done and keep it up image

    What a great idea to keep a diary on here.
  • Done a cr@p 2miler - walked for a bit as me legs were hurting abit.


  • new year new start.......image
  • New year new start and lucky I have a Sweatshop Running Club near me after work @Stratford every tuseday which then I have no excuses anymore.

     Got Gait analysed and have New Balance Stability shoe [incidentally saw in the sale from £85 I paid down to £55...]

    Also for  under 35 got some Karrimor running clobber, but just need to get some trousers

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