Knee Pain after 5-7km.

I'm a little desperate here.

I have my first 10km in about 10 days. I went for a run on Sunday and after 7km I had to stop due to pain in my right knee. It was on the lower outside right of my kneecap.

This continued even when I walked for the next day or so. I also had extreme discomfort when descending stairs.

This all disappeared about four days later and I tried another run. I only managed 1km before I had to stop. I am so frustrated.

I walked/limped straight to the gym and did a 13km bike ride. No pain whatsoever during that. What is going on?

Any advice will be really appreciated.

Kind regards


  • Tight IT band?

    Currently have similar problem only on inner side of knee. I stupidly ran through the pain to start with and made it much worse. Seeing a sports physio now, had very painful ITB stripping today but feels much loser now, having to strap knee, a shed load of excercises and can't run. Let's hope it isn't that.

  • Yep, sounds like IT band. Take lots of anti inflammatory tablets (3x2 perday) and lots and lots and lots of stretching. Don't over train before the race, just keep ticking over.


    Lots of other stretches you can do without foam roller. Just google them. Good luck.
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