Toenail Fell Off Last Night

My big toenail fell off last night on my left foot, it had been black since my first half marathon in late March.

It's taken a while and Iuckily it appears that I have a new nail growing, albeit a little bit off it is showing.

It feels OK, I know loads of others on here have had it, just wondering if I'm OK to run on it or will it hurt?

The only slightly tender bit is the nail bed on the edge where it had been hanging on for the past three days, I imagine it will all calm down?


  • sorry forgot you were seb coe or an other running god who can put newby runners down with a few key strokes....
  • I did a sponsored walk once, only 30 miles but my two big toe nails went a deep purple colour then fell off a couple of weeks later.  Wasn't running at that time in my life so can't advise you on soreness but it felt ok walking, try an easy jog to see how it feels, if it hurts stop if it feels ok keep on running. 
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    It'll calm down pretty quickly - a couple of days at most.  As Deadstar says, give it a go and see how it feels.  It'll probably feel odd rather than sore.

    I always slap on some Germolene antiseptic ointment - the pink smelly stuff - just to be on the safe side and as a local anaesthetic.

  • Its a war wound - be proud!!! Agree with the others, try it and see, i strap any really sore bits on my feet with melonin and tape, always works for me!

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  • Jellybelly69 wrote (see)
    sorry forgot you were seb coe or an other running god who can put newby runners down with a few key strokes....

    D2D can usually be relied upon for a helpfull comment or twoimage

    Black toe nails aren't just confined to newbys. I'd been running regularly for over 20 years, including plenty of long fell races, when I did the Swiss Alpine Marathon in 2002. The toenails on both of my big toes turned black and, eventually, dropped off. I think that they drop off because the new nail has formed underneath and hence "pushes off" the old nail.

    As long as you take care not to get the old nail torn off before it wants to leave I don't think you'll have any problem. I seem to recall some slight tenderness while the new nails grew and hardened but don't remember it costing me too much running time.

  • Keep it in a match box and go for a run
  • Thanks all, it now looks a lot better and there is no tenderness.

    Tried a short run today and no reaction at all, so hopefully it will just grow back as normal.

    I have different running shoes since the original incident and have had no repeat so once again all thanks for the advice.

  • I permanently have a toe nail or 2 missing on the toes next to my big one! I've tried loads of different shoes and it made no difference so don't think they're to blame! Think I just have dodgy over flexible toes that bend into stupid positions when i run image I never have any problem running with them missing though image
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