Will I be able to return to running after total hip replacement

I have recently suffered a bad injury during aerobics which I do for cross training purposes, actually I say recently but it was 8 months ago.  I had a stress fracture at first and kept going to A&E to ask for crutches.  the day after I eventually got them I was in horrendous pain and was admitted to hospital.  They assumed it was to ongoing disc issues but in fact I had a fractured hip which went unnoticed fro 7 months while I had to walk on crutches and my right leg was getting shorter and shorter as it displaced by 3 inches.  image

Eventually when going for MRI scan found that I had broken hip but too late to save hip so had total hip replacement.

Does anyone know if I will be able to return to running after my recovery from the operation ~ if I do recover as there may me some loss of feeling and power remaining?



  • I met some fantastic old lass, she was an age which I would describe as being well into her pension. She told me that she only started running when she got her new hip as she thought she had better do something with it.
    Her comments amused me greatly and I also found her quite Insperational.

    As such im pretty sure if someone who has had a hip replacement can start running, you could very likely continue.

  • That's good to know it is really painful to even walk a bit just now but it is only 3 weeks since op.  I suppose what I have to think of as well is how quick it will need replaced again.  The average age for the op is about 70 I think, but I am good bit younger as mine was due to injury then negligence so I may end up needing a few, but the top hip man gave me the Nike hip as I have been calling it ~ it is a ceramic one that they use for younger more active people, not sure why they don't use it in older people. 

    But good to know you can do it afterwards and to think that I may be able to take part in stuff again.  What event did you meet the fantastic old lass at?  That's a great attitude to have to getting new hip I doubt if many people look at it that way ~ you are right inspirational.

  • Oh siouxie - i really feel for you - i hope you are taking the negligence thing further.

    that so easily could have been me - im healing (i hope!!) from a femoral neck stress fracture - and like you A&E sent me away - i get soo angry every time i think about it!! i saw an orthopaedic surgeon the next day - (i work with them) and was immediately diagnosed - followed by an MRI to confirm it. its been just over 3 months now and although i can walk now without pain - i am still getting pains here and there, and find doing certain things painful - hence why i hope its healing - im not convinced though!

    im not sure about running yet for you - but i reckon given time and alot of muscle and ligament strengthening exercises then who knows - have you asked your surgeon?

    heres wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • siouxie wrote (see)

    What event did you meet the fantastic old lass at?  That's a great attitude to have to getting new hip I doubt if many people look at it that way ~ you are right inspirational.

    I met her at my local Parkrun, I can't explain just how cool and seriously funny this old girl was, she seriously embaced life and the opptunitys given to her. 
    A really positive person and who I was glad to meet.

    She said to me, as long as you wake up each morning you always have the possibility of a great day. Nothings ever as bad as not waking up... "kinda stuck with me that thought and put a lot of my worrys and concerns in perspective a little"


  • Hi  there ~ don't worry Mad Shez I will be taking the negligence thing further I have suffered an enormous amount of pain as have my family not to mention loss of earnings and opportunities.

     This has totally occupied my life for the last 8 months and things seem to be getting worse.  I now have teririble pain in my mid thigh and am worried my fenur may have split.  I can't really move at all.

     The nightmare just gets worse, but I don't know who to go to for my legal advice as it is more difficult in Scotland and less people seem to deal with it ~ if anyone knows of anyone who does medical megligence cases in Scotland please let me know?

     I just want to get back to work and normal just now and would be happy with that for a while before I start on the training again and am prepared to start with cycling as I know I probably shouldn't run till I can cycle.

    Squeakz ~ the old bird that you met is truely insprational but I know it will take a while before I can be like that.  I do have a tendancy to be a bit gung ho but don't want to jepordise my future mobility which feels as if it is hanging in the balance just now.

  • I appreciate that you do not wish to jepordise your future mobility and im in no position to offer advise on that other than coming to the conclusion that less speed and more haste is a lesson I would do well to learn myself.

    Im sure you will be fine, just ensure that you give yourself enought time to get there.

     Anyway I admire you for continuing with your life and thinking about running, I expect much of the population these days would take such an operation as an excuse to give up and do nothing. You should also take enough time to be proud of yourself.

  • Hi Siouxie, I've been searching to see what the chances are of running again after a THR op. I had it done four weeks ago and seem to be making good progress. Having read the problems you were having back in July 2010, it's left me wondering how you got on? Did everything work out for you in the end, or is it an on going battle?
  • I got my hip 20 years ago. I was active before and have been active since. I've not run intensively but have done a couple of miles or so must weeks. Just recently I've started to do a bit more, I'm really enjoying it but I am slightly concerned.

    btw the hipe has served me really well and I swim and cycle as well pretty regularly. The important things to do seem to be to keep your weight off and to kep the muscles in good shape.

  • I think with hip replacements there's a bit of luck involved too. Ages ago I knew two old dears who got hip replacements within a year of each other. One was up and walking around within a day and fully recovered within a short time. The other didn't do half as well and still had significant pain and restricted mobility over a year after the operation.


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