Steve Jones - Marathon record 2:07:13

Its 25 years in October since Steve Jones broke the world marathon record and its still the British record.

A running coleague has started a facebook group to get recognition for Steve in his home country & county. So far he has even got support from a certain Henry K Rono. Please join Lee's campaign to get recognition for one of this country's best long distance runners.

facebook page


  • What do you mean by recognition?
  • Sorry Slugs, that FB page gives no detail as to what it is actually about.  If it is a campaign, can it please say what it wants and can someone proof read and correct it so that it makes sense.
  • There's alot of British middle and distance records set in the early - mid 1980s.

     Jones WR in Chicago 1984, was very unexpected as it was built up as a Lopes v De Castella clash.

    The Olympic v World and Commonwealth Champion.

  • Just an observation..  as impressive as that time is...  he would be best part of a mile behind The record holder now..    puts it into perspective how things have moved on..   its only a matter of years probably before someone goes under 2:00.

  • Didn't he miss Carlos Lopes WR by one second, or by  something very similar in his 2:07.13 run ?
  • "one of this country's best long distance runners"

    Slugs, he was the fastest man in the world over 26.2 miles. Not only that, you could not meet a more modest athlete who had plenty of time for athletes of all standards.

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    I broke my marathon record at Chester getting 3h 59 knocking 22 mins of my PB

    but the fastest time is no match for me
  • I don't get it either?  Is it a campaign for some reason, or - as it seems to say - a facebook fan club page?  If the former, what??  If the latter, why
  • i don't get it either!

    but there is a cool clip here of Jones running a 10,000m

    and here breaking the marathon WR in 84
  •!/photo.php?pid=943128&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=134409196588649&id=1623819197 hello fellow runners, the reason i started the facebook group was to try and wake my local council up and honour steves great achievements. they have never honoured steve and its something well overdue. also steve is the only world record holding athlete i know in the uk thats not been awarded an obe or mbe by the queen and thats also something i`ve got my teeth into and i`ve already started doing something about that! ..... so please join the group and if you can invite friends cause steve was some awesome athlete and a true gentleman. thanks! 
  • Lee - thanks for you mail clarifying what you're trying to achieve.  Again though, I would suggest that someone revise the FB page to make it very clear what it is all about.  And then get someone to proof read it.  It's the only way that people will know what you are doing.

    I think ordinary members of public can nominate people for honours.  Have a google, I'm sure you'll find out about the process.  Lobbying the council is a good idea.  Maybe the head of the council can put the nomination forward to give it more clout.

    Personally, I don't join FB groups.  Really don't see the point of them, but I accept I may be out of step.  Good luck with your campaign.

  • yes i already have the nomination forms badly drawn bloke and i have written to lord kinnock, nick smith mp, trish law am, rhodri morgan, welsh athletics and blaenau gwent council for letters of support. 3 of the 6 so far have responded. as for the facebook group thats just a group to show our support for a truly brilliant athlete!
  • Lee - have you checked to see if Steve actually wants an OBE or whatever?

    As you say, everyone else has got one - perhaps Steve has indicated to the organisers that he doesn't want one. 

    WHen a person is nominated, the nominees are asked if they would accept the proposed award.  Not everyone does want to accept.

    Personally I think they are completely pointless!

  • Wilkie makes a good point.

    I wish you luck Lee.

    My point re the FB page is that that is your main point of contact - you posted the link here and in your message and still had to explain what it was for.  You are trying to get a marketing campaign under way.  What you are selling is Steve Jones and the desire to get him recognised.  What you currently have doesn't do that.  Maybe change the name of the page to something like "Help us to get Steve Jones honoured" then explain that he was the world record holder etc and he deserves merit.  Keep sentences short and punchy.   Use punctuation.  More people will stay on the page and offer support.

  • well is sister as messaged me on facebook and thanked me for doing this for steve. steves 2 sisters and son are members of the group i set up! ..... what i first set out to do was for ebbw vale [where steve is from] to put something in place to honour such a great athlete and give kids belief [in this area] that they to can achieve greatness too....... in ebbw vale steve is more or less unknown and that needs to change. in other countries they build statues to honour their sporting legends...... as for the facebook group, its only a place where fans can air their thoughts and once i get all 6 letters of support that i want, then you will see a difference to the page........ as for my punctuation, im sorry about that but i`m no expert in english.....  can i just say that iam a welsh international veteran runner that came 88th in the 2009 london marathon and also ran against steve in many races during the 80s and my passion for the sport is unquestioned.
  • Not having a pop Lee, honest.  I just think you can do better with your marketing as I think it's a very worthy thing you're doing.

     All the best.

  • hi all

    lee i wish you good luck with this son

    steve is the best runner wales have had and something should be done to honour him come on wales do something about it. if he was from england or the usa he would be a god.

    see soon may be in the cardiff 10k

  • i didnt take it as a pop honestly badly drawn bloke. you have all made some valid points and i was just answering them the best i could...... regarding the facebook group maybe your right, but for the moment i`m going to leave it as it is and rethink once i have all stuff i need for the nomination forms. you take care mate.
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