Welsh Aquathlon & Big Swim Tredegar

Entries have at last opened for the Welsh Aquathlon Champs at Parc Bryn Bach Tredegar. The good news is that the the weed has gone, there were great piles of it around the lake last night - already whiffs a bit, so I hope they clear it away soon.

 Race program kicks off with the youth & junior triathlon Inter Regional Qualifyer, not sure of the timimgs after that but there is the aquathlon and 3 open water swims, a 750m novice swim, 1500m and a 3K.

I'm considering racing the aquathlon & then giving the 3k a bash.

entry forms


  • can't believe that the price is more than double the normal price just because its the welsh championshipsimage

    £23.00 for a 750m swim and 5km run!!!!

    Very expensive!

  • Mmmm not the cheapest of races but a damn side less than some races out there,costs £30 for the Great Swims.

    Pretty sure thats what they charged last year for the British Championship race there.

    Its only £20 if your a WTA memberimage.

    Another Welsh medal for Seren?

  • Come down to Dorset - nearly every Wed through the summer you can do an Aquathlon with 800m swim and 5k run for £6 in Weymouth!
  • they do a series of 5 aquathons in the park for the same distance for £8 I think EC..which is why I'm amazed that they have to put it so hig......probably to pay for the medals and "officials"

    I would love it if they did regular swim sessions there from May through to sept............I would go most weeks to be honest............nowhere around here in south wales to do open water swimming at all..........

    Slugs.....not much chance for me for  a medal......these short distances brings out all the fast competitorsimage

  • Seren have a look at the Facebook page of Tredegar Tri Team. Looks like they are having an open water practice. Worth asking if you can pop along this Thursday.
  • Fianlly got the race details through on this.

    Anybody else joining me for a quick Splash'n dash on Sunday morning?

    Was hoping to do the Aquathlon and the 3K Big Swim but the timetable doesn't allowimage.

    With the Junior IRC qualifier races to help marshall before its going to be a busy day.

  • Looks like the timetable for Sunday has changed. Big swims are now at 11:30, after the aquathlon, so it looks like I might be able to get the 3K swim in as well.image

    Had a word with the organiser & it looks like entries on the day for the swims is OK.

    Anyone else signing up late? 3K 1.5K & 750m options.

  • Tempted now. Won't be able to leave Cardiff until 11'ish, so still tight, but I'll give it a go.
  • That was fun. Spent from 6:00 am finishing of the course building for the junior IRC qualigfying tri races & then marshalling the bike course. So I was knackered befiore the aquathlon.

    Really hammered the swim & felt good, was able to push the run but just failed to get a podium in the Welsh Chamos, but felt I had raced really well.

    Thanks to the switch in the trcae schedule I had a 20 minute breat & then back in & raced the 3k swim. I felt i was on the verge of cramping up for a lot of the rcae so didn't really push it, but still disappointed that it took me 49 minutes. & I was almost lapped by the winner! He was shifting. The marshals at the swim out even tried to send him round for 1 more lap!

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