Beginning running with flat feet questions


I'm new to the forum, i've not had a chance to look around fully yet so i apologise if there are answers elsewhere to my questions. 

I want to get into running and maybe eventually triathlons / dualthlons.The problem is I have VERY flat feet. I've tried to get into running before but have always had to stop due to shin splints and annoying plantar fascitis. I make sure I have decent shoes, Ive got some Saucony ones (Stabil CS?) that were recommended by a running shop who even watched me wearing them whilst on a treadmill to make sure they were ok.

I'm frustrated by not being able to get into running. I'm 29 and slightly overweight, which i guess doesnt help. Is there anything I can try to help my feet? Does anyone else on here have flat feet and what do you recommend? Are there any strengthening exercises I can do? I've even tried Sole insoles but they havent helped much at all.  I'm wondering if Im just not made to be a runner! Any advice welcome.


  • I have extremely flat foot, no arches at all.  I wear orthotics which push my feet back into a more upright position, supporting them under the arch. They're also adjusted for pf as I had that for around 2 years when I first started running.

    I'd suggest that you get an appointment with a podiatrist - one who specialises in bio-mechanics and see if that will help. 

    I can't wear OTC orthotics, mine are custom-made.  It will probably set you back a £200 or so for assessment and orthotics but if you're serious about running, then money well spent.

    I don't know where you live, but if you're in Hampshire, I can recommend my pod.

    If not, I'm sure that others on here could recommend some.  If not, then I'd contact a local running club and ask them for recommendations - there are bound to be people who use them.

  • Jeepers can you let me know the name of the place you use please, i have had mine for 5 years and there made from plastic and very heavy, just bought new shoes and have taking them outr and getting pain so i need to keep them in, but mine ared so old i think ineed some new ones and lighter.


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