The life of a long distance runner

I feel fantastic. This is where I'm supposed to be.
Did 8 mile at tempo pace today. Easy as anything. I don't even feel like I've been anywhere.

Now my mid week runs are generally 7-10 miles and long ones between 15-20.

This really is my kind of running. I dont like training for halves or 10k's. Makes me feel like I'm not doing enough, or I'm not fast enough or that I'm struggling too much.

Marathon training is me. I can just see myself taking the step further now for ultras, time permitting. I don't like running a little bit and very fast. I like taking whole day -  just taking my time, stopping to enjoy the scenery, say hello to horses, sheep, cows.... and continue running.

I could be on my feet all day long.

I want more. I want more miles and more time please.

Some people keep asking me, what is it about distance running, isn't it boring. No it's not. It's the best thing in the world and I cannot even begin to explain it to someone who's never done a 20 mile run. The struggle, the severity of exhaustion, and the primal feeling of being of human, running because we were meant to run.

How can you explain something so simple.  Can I say anything other than... just try it and see.

How is everyone? image



  • That is a brilliant post...   good for you TurboElli..   image

  • Thank you!image
  • Totally agree. Nothing more satisfying then the feeling you get at the end of a long run.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    8miles at tempo pace? Sounds an excellent run then, especially if you did it easily, as I thought tempo pace was only slightly sslower than 10k pace!

    I find doing a few miles at tempo outside a race pretty tough!

  • That is exactly the sort of post I need to show to people when they ask me 'why do you run?'

    Also, anyone who is suffering from motivational problems should take a read, and then realise why they run.

    I had a similar run this morning - struggled to do 12.5 last weekend, but my 14 this weekend flew by, and I felt great at the end of it. Running on days like this is possibly the best thing in the world.

    Fantastic stuff TurboElli.

  • Good post.

     Enjoyed reading it.

  • When I was a child, I watched athletics on TV. Marathons seemed like a massive effort. I said to myself then, My God I Wish I Could Do That.

    I've done it. And I'm doing it again. And again. And again.

    When I was a child, lots of things amazed me. I was 8 and we moved to the countryside. I made 4 friends in a day. They were all cows on the field. I remember running home being so happy and told my mum about my friends and then I told her, they are actually cows and I gave them all names... she laughed at me and hugged me.

    So many feelings in this life.
    Security. Happiness. Death. Sadness. Safeness. Unsecurity. Love. Heart is about to explode from the beauty in this world. Too many tears. Gasping for air. Bare feet against the ground. My favourite horse recognising me. Taste of grass. Hate. Rush. Stress. Cold. Hot.

    Do you know what? You are perfectly you. As perfect as you can be. You can be anything. Life wouldnt be life. If it wasnt for all of the feelings it can provide.
    We now live in a society where time is less and less. Take every moment of it and make it your own.

    Who's here to judge you but yourself?

    You can do anything you want. Stop being insecure right this moment.

    You can do it. Because you will! Because the only thing to stop you is you.

    Simple. Legs. Gravity. Movement. Life.

  • Good for youimage

  • shit! My upper lip as got a twitch! I hate it on the eyelid but lip is worse, let alone the bottom of your buttcheek!

    Not so deep now LOL image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Ah, but I get such a kick out of running as fast as I can, even if it is just for a short distance. Can't explain that either.

    You sound on top of the world TurboElli.

  • Thankyou Elli, your posts have really gee'd me up this morning. I feel ready for anything.

    Bring it on!!!

  • Oh, I get that twitch in my eyelid aswell, I love it!!!
  • Great post Turbo - I know exactly what you mean.

    The best race I ever did was a X country marathon. 6 of us did it together. We didn't race it. we just plodded along and enjoyed the scenery. stopped for food and drinks along the way and finished in around 5.5 hours. A great day out! This is my sort of running and I also find myself being tempted to do a 40, a 50, or longer......
  • Couldn't agree more and so well put! Being out in the fresh air, somewhere you actually want to be and putting some real effort in!! Not that I am doing at the mo as I have been ill for over a month, unable to do any form of exercise and still don't feel well. Fed up and really bored...
  • Hah, I'm glad I'm not the only one who twitches a little after 18+ miles! I've tried explaining to people the feeling that comes from breaking the 20-mile barrier on training, the zen-like calm that's only possible when the only thing on your mind is putting one foot in front of the other, where your world narrows to such a point that there's no room for any other thought except keep going; I don't think it's possible to understand without doing it yourself! I come back from each run just amazed at what the human body and mind can do when applied properly, and I hope to still be awestruck in 50 years time image
  • I'm so envious!!!  I'm just (slowly!) coming back from injury and I can't wait till I'm feeling the strength that you have now!!

  • Very inspiring post TurboElli, whatever you had on that day I want some of it!image
  • Madlot wrote (see)
    Thankyou Elli, your posts have really gee'd me up this morning. I feel ready for anything. Bring it on!!! image
    Ditto!  That's just what I needed - thanks very much image
  • Great stuff Elli - long may the high continue image
  • Really looking forward to running tomorrow morning after that Elli. Love it! image
  • Loved reading that Elli.

    I did a (long for me) 10 miler yesterday and that, as well as your post is bringing my mojo back!

    Long may you be happy and healthy in your running.


  • I'm so glad if this post has helped you! That is like the nicest thing ever!

    I felt a bit down last week myself, about my running, but now reading on your replies I'm getting the feelgood again! Did a lovely run this morning, caught the brilliant sunrise, racing rabbits and couple of curious horses and cats! The world could go on forever like that. Tranquility!

  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭

    Excellent thread Elli.   You should keep a journal and one day try and get it published.  You certainly have a way of describing your feelings.

    You capture how alot of us have felt before when running, and those feelings that alot of us have probably forgotten over the years.

    Please keep it up!!!!!!

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    This is a great thread. I run in London during the week, full of people...not that it's a bad thing, but I so look forward to getting home to Suffolk and running in the countryside. I almost never meet anyone else on my runs and it is just so nice just to get out there with no one around except the wildlife.

    I always say hello to the horses....they do talk back you know image. And there are two geese in a farm near me that I christened "Jedward" (I first came across them last year when the X factor was on, and they were squawking a lot!!). We get a lot of hares round our way too...I use them for speed work but they always beat me (I am the proverbial tortoise). Love it image

  • I ran 18 miles this morning and im now sat at work feeling great which has made me wonder what else could give me this feeling other than running and do you know what?

    I cant think of a single thing and that worries me a bit.

    I get fantastic enjoyment out of my family (wife, 2 young kids) but for personal satisfaction, running is the one.

  • Maybe I'm easily pleased, but my toast landing Marmite side up, always guarantees a smile.

     Sorry image

  • that would make me smile too image
  • I totally agree with your original point, Madlot. 

     In addition to the personal satisfaction, I find it gratifying to get out and "run off" any worries, irritations or concerns.  When things get tough, it can be reassuring to know that even a 30 minute run will always help.  When crises do occur and a run isn't possible, I even get some consolation that I'll get out in the next couple of days, and things will be seem a little better as a result.

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