Sunday 18th July 2010



  • Evenin'

    What: 17 miles

    Why: LR 

    Last hard: Today

    Last Rest: Friday

    Lyrics: No

    Clocked up 48 miles this week which makes it my highest mileage week so far. Much needed cutback next week.

    Welcome iamb. Good running all. Short but sweet from me today as I'm pretty knackered.

  • Veester - nice long run - do you have a marathon coming up?

    Clink - nice long run there for you too - good stuff.

    M. - congratulations - really neat to make the Wellington team. I haven't made an Auckland team for years, but it is a great achievement - lifts all your running so much.

    Sharkie - you are doing it girl - are you going to do a heptathalon?

    AF - just a few hills there then!

    What: Nice family walk in the sun - husband, me, daughter, son-in-law, son and 2 of the gdaughters - our own little pack!

  • NZC - Nope, 'just' a half. I was only intending to do 16 but my Garmin died before I went out and I had to guess a bit. I won't go further that that really but I'd already got up to 16 miles before I decided to run the 1/2.

    Your walk sounds lovely.

  • M, even more exciting news. 

    sharkie, I saw several DQs by the 10000m results, and though how odd; its not as though you can run out of lane, do a false start or drop the baton.  I guess the real numbers are well down on the entries in an event like that, My W75 mate and her M45 son didn't go in the end, cos they couldn't find any accomodation, and I think son, who was only supposed to be doing the hammer lost his enthusiasm for going.

    iab, hi there

    chick, hi there, good to see you back, Sorry to hear you have had a hard time

    sharkie, 1) That pilates exercise looks fun.  I've only ever done mat classes, but my teacher then has gadgets, presumably like that at his studio at home.  Perhaps I ought to sign up for some sessions, but I don't want to commit myself weekly, for ever.  What sort of space between sessions, and no of sessions would make it worthwhile ?
    2)  isn't running fun when you are feeling fresh !  My problem is always trying to do the optimal training, without getting overtired, but I'm not very good at doing less than maximum thinking that in terms of the bigger picture more might be better. 

    What:  14ml easy- stready-easy
    Why; still finding it difficult to build up the miles.  Started easy, then got bored with running quite as slowly as my HRM was telling me, so speeded up in the middle section, only to struggle again with the last few miles

  • LMUH:  Just the rolling hills of North Hampshire!


    clink:  I think the course profile of my next race is worse image

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