A Good 10k time?



  • Time isn't the be all and end all so long as you try your hardest 

    to complete the course time will reduce in time with the more

    running you do the faster you become with better techniques 

    good luck 


  • That (excuse my french) is bloody great! I mean those are the times I wish for so far I'm 15 and I run a 46 min 29s 10K so that is amazing, how long has he been running for? 

    Good luck for the training! image

  • I started training in January as a 26 year old who hadn't run since year 8 at school and had a BMI of just over 30.  I have lost 2.5 stone so far this year and have run 3 10K races, my best being Caerphilly in 44:45 and a few Park Runs with a 20:13 PB.  I really want to get some competitive race times and have started taking it a bit more seriously recently, looking at this thread I realise I have a way to go but im proud of my achievements so far.

  • All this is what makes it fascinating, you can always beat your previous best, I started serious running 18 months ago(age 32) and was running 10k in around 55 mins, so always felt I'd be content with mid 40s as times, at one time I weighed 230 lbs and couldn't run a bath let alone 10k, now I'm PB 42;29 and now want to get in the sub 40s, so the only way in my mind is to just keep plugging away and let what will be take its course, the pluses of getting out and living a healthy life are good enough anyway, it should mean that I live longer and get more years to win a race.


    Another example of a few posts, back in June I ran 43,33 which was a PB and got me a top 20 finish, a few months later in the next race, 42;29 only got me 43 position, all depends on what field strength is there on the day

  • I ran a personal best 41:29 on Sunday. I am 48, so I was surprised, especially since I had run only twice in the past year.

    I used to run a bit to keep fit till I was about 44 but then I found I was getting too heavy about 78kg (12 stone 4lbs) @ 175cm. Then I bought a road bike and got back in shape (70kg). I had never done much competitive running (3 half marathons, best time 1h36s when I was about 27) but I found that after getting back in shape by cycling, I could once again compete but my legs hurt like hell.

    Then my son took up Karate and I started going to watch and take part in the warm-up stretching exercise. I am still really stiff but, it seems that combination of cycling and karate stretching really works well for me. I've never run so fast. So if there are any ex-runners out there that would like to be able to take part in races, but find running a bit hard on the joints, then I think that there may be another way, in my humble experience. I call it Cyclo-Karate-Running, but really, there is little running involved. My legs will probably drop off and I will deserve it image

  • Hey im 12 and from going from never running more than 9 minutes to doung a 10k in 2 hours and 41 minutes be considered a good time 
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