Shrewsbury runners

I was wondering if any of the Shrewsbury runners could be so kind as to recommend good routes? I'm going to be in the town on a weekend when I should be doing a 22mile run. I was going to run to Haughmond and back then carry on to the quarry and run round it until I've clocked up enough miles. My starting point will be near the weir. Any recommendations gratefully received, the town has changed a lot since I last lived there...


  • Hi i live in Telford but some of my running routes are near Haughmond i run from Longdon upon Tern to Haughmond and back lot's of country lanes to run.
  • Thanks William. When I was growing up in Shrops my bro' was shot at by a farmer (he wasn't hit) he was about 10 and didn't know he was on private property so I'm always a bit weary of leaving the safety of the town.... The League of Gentlemen is like a documentary to us.
  • the safety of the town getting chased by the chavs in Harlescott lol
  • Harlescott holds no fears for me, I'm from Castlefields ;
  • i think there's a decent cycle route/footpath out from the Quarry to Haughmond Hill. Might be worth a couple of laps of the hill before you return to town. Or you could run over the top of Haughmond and into Withington and back via Upton Magna and Atcham. Nice quiet windy lanes, and duelling banjos all the way. But what do I know? Im from Wellington..image
  • i will be running them quiet windy lanes this weekend image
  • duelling banjos that's Dawley high streetimage
  • Thanks all, if I hear the banjos my slow run will become a speed session...
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Blimey I didn't think anybody apart from me had heard of Shrewsbury....I grew up there. Haughmond and Atcham would be grand for a run
  • Hello Shropshire runners!

    Had a beautiful run from Shrewsbury to Wrockwardine and back again along the route 81 cycle track, hardly any traffic, the countryside looked glorious and didn't get chased by any farmers. Also went up Haughmond (different day), a lot of work's been done on the paths since last time I was up there. But was disappointed by the sight of bags of (dog?) poo hanging from the trees, that's not the sort of behaviour I expect from Shire folk.
  • Wow I thought I knew Route 81 - just checked it online. It is a nice route, I have cycled & run it many times. I live not too far away from Wrockwardine and most of my running routes are around there. I havent been up Haughmond Hill in years but people tell me it's changed a lot, and not for the better

  • there was me thinking i was the only person running this route i think Haughond Hill is great place to run,walk,bike.
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