Getting to the Great North Run

I'm doing my first Great North Run this year and want to be organised on the day. I only live in middlesbrough so don't have far to travel buthave a few questions about planning for the journey-

What are the best ways to get there, i.e bus,train,metro?

If parking at a metro is it best to park near the start or finish?

What time should i arrive there?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


  • Morning,

     This will be my 3rd GNR.  Last year I parked near the finish by a caravan park and then took the Metro from South Shields to Monument and walked up to Claremont Rd.   My first year I stayed at a mates near the start at the central motorway and to be honest whichever way you do it you going to have a delay getting out at the end.   It's the only downside to the entire day in my opinion. 

    If you get yourself a Metro day ticket  well in advance it does make things a lot easier on the day though. I aim to get to the start at least an hour before the gun. It means hanging around a bit but at least you have enough time to drop your bag on the bus, walk to where your zone is and generally take in the atmosphere which is always brilliant.

  • Thanks for the great advice jim. I'll definately get a metro day ticket in advance and probably park at heworth

    metro station. Is the earliest start time for general runners still 10.40am? I know this will probably all be in my pack i'll recieve by post but i just like to be organised lol! Best of luck in your 3rd run!

  • Park at the finish.

    You'll queue for a while in your car, but at least you'll be sitting down!

  • Its around that time but it takes roughly 20-30 mins from the gun depending on where you are to just get past the start line! 

    I'm staying in Heburn and Metro-ing in so I will probably leave at around 08:30 to allow for a walk from Monument station and generally relax and have a wander about before the start.  As long as you're in the right pen 15 mins before the gun then there's  no problem at all.  It gives you some time to chat to random people and as my mate has pulled out (again) thats what I end up doing.

  • Hi Stewie

    i did it last year and camped in a local park and ran the race with my back pack. never again. metro for me!!

  • this year will be my 9th . we travel up from cov on the saturday and stay in jesmond which is only a short stroll to the startline .

    generally , we tend to get to the start line no later than 9 really as the closer it gets to the start time , its a real rugby scrum to get rid of your bags .

    the time soon passes at the start line as you take in the atmospere and the sights and get yourself in the right frame of mind .

    i have heard some proper horror stories about trying to get away from south shields by car but then again it sometimes can be an ordeal getting away on the metro where it resembles a cattle cart !

    suppose its better to get to the start too early than too late is the moral of the story but whatever happens stewart , have a belting day . i wouldn't keep coming back if it were no good !!!

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