new forest half


  • when is it WWR?
  • I'll be there - running the half also. The b/f is running the full thing. What kind of time are you aiming for WWR? I'm hoping for 1:45, but would be happy with better than last 1/2 (1:50). Haven't seen anyone else mention the half - and last time I asked I got no reply - but I think there some other people doing the full.
  • I'll be there for the half. Hoping for around 2.00-2.05. Or better. Possibly. Who knows. Depends on whether it's sunny or not.
  • this sunday.

    anyone done the half before - what's the hill ratio????
  • I'll be there - doing the half and aiming for 1.45 - came in just over 1.46 last year and have been off form this year but have been training hard - see you there - number is 2058 - I think

  • My number's 2536. If I bump into you at the start can I use you as a pace maker whizzy??
  • Doobs

    I was more thinking of using you as a pacer, at the moment I need all the help I can get - have you done this before?

  • Only done 2 1/2 marathons before - Windsor last year (1:56) and Reading this year (1:50) - so it sounds like you're ahead of me! Have been following the RW schedule for 1:45 but I'm not convinced I've run the pace sessions fast enough. Also worry that I still run too conservatively through fear of blowing up half way round! We could join forces if you don't think I'm going to hold you back but I don't know how feasible it is to meet people before the start as I've not done NF 1/2 before.
  • whizzy - you think you need all the help you can get????

    get this: until this year i had run 15 or so halfs all between 1.46 and 1.53, trained for FLM , got injured 10 days before the race and have completely lost it....

    burnham beeches half.. DNF; budapest half - 2.07. URGH

    i will enjoy watching you and doobs race off into the distance

    good luck
  • No WWR I won't be there. This Sunday is long run for me. Good luck and I'm sure you'll be back on form in no time
  • Doobs/WWR - I have made a note of Doobs number - Wolf - what's yours - apart from Jaqueline I have never met any of you folks yet.

    Perhaps we should all haul each other round. Last year I had did a pb at the 10 mile point, which was 2 minutes faster than any 10 mile race I have run this year!!! One of my club mates is always that bit ahead of me - oddly she had slowed to a similar degree, but now.....

    Let's see how we get on

  • i'll wear my urwfrc vest - blue with two yellow hoops

    i will be the heavy middle aged bloke who looks like he could never run a 1.46 half marathon

    number is at home - i'll post it tomorrow

    nb - still a chance i won't do it.... remember i'm flying in from NY on sat, but i do hope to see you there though
  • If it helps to meet up - I don't look like my picture (except at the end of my runs!): female, 30, probably wearing blue t-shirt and blue shorts, long hair.

    I'll aim to start somewhere between the 1:45 and 1:50 markers if they have them.
  • I'm now on for the full marathon this weekend and my g/f will be running this too (although much faster!). I'd love to know how 'undulating' it is if anyone's done it before.
  • Puffer, I am doing the Marathon and so is Bear. My number is 334. What is your target time?
    Opinions on the degree of undulation differ. The locals reckon that it is fairly tough. I did it a few years ago ands I thought it was pretty flat, apart from a long gentle climb at 18-20 miles. Mind you, I was in such poor shape at that point that I felt like I was climbing the north face of the Eiger.
  • Wurzel, spent too much time worrying about a suspected stress fracture (wasn't after all)to see this. Liz and I are 123 and 124. I may wear the forum vest (blue yellow) but depends on the weather. I am trying to break 4:30. Liz did 3:40ish in last year's FLM but thinks she's slower now. Good luck with your run/mountain climbing. I'll be the one on the ground practising crampon technique by then.
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