Solution needed for dealiing with long hair in a tri

I've got long, straight hair (with a few layers cut into it) which I normally wear in a ponytail for running, loose for cycling and stuffed into a cap for swimming.

I don't want to be faffing around with it on Sunday when I've got my first tri.  Can anyone give me a solution as to what to do with it on the day?  Thanks.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    cut it off
  • I look terrible with short hair FB.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    No2 all over, since when did looks matter ?
  • image  I am not Sinead O'Connor TR.  I would look hideous with a No2.  In fact I would look like a No 2 (IE sh*t).
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Sinead had a No 1......I have a No 2
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I put mine in a french plait for IMDE and it stayed in all day.

    Meldy and Melli do a regular plait cos their hair is longer.


  • Parklife wrote (see)
    I look terrible with short hair FB.
    Never chuck but you could always just tie your hair back like normal and kick bottom?
  • Thanks Mouse - I thought someone might mention plaits - I think they look good but don't know how to do them.  Is a French plait one big one that starts at the crown and the other option 2 small ones?  Any tips for plaiting?  My hair is v fine and silky (slippery).  What's hth BTW?

    Cake - if I tie it back, I can't get my helmet on because there's a bunched-up bit.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    French one starts at the crown and is better for integrating layers as you pull the hair in as you go along.

    Regular plait just starts at the nape of the neck, thus hair must be sufficiently long enough.  I think yours is too short.

    I think if you can't plait, you won't learn by Sunday.

    Your best bet, then, is low pig tails.

    If it's any consolation, I have done several races where my pony tail was too high and then had to take it down in T1 cos I couldnt' get it under my cycle helmet.

    hth - hope this helps

    (or happy to help)

  • Parklife.......................I can't do plaits so i have to faff a little..................I put it in  a ponytail with the bobble at the nape of my neck for the bike........this i do pre putting on my swim hat.............when i leave T2 and start me run I then change my ponytail from a low ponytail to a ponytail higher up on my head and feed the ponytail through my running hatimage
  • French braiding is not really rocket science, can't you just practice a bit?

    Here's a video on what to do. The woman is a bit annoying, but you'll get over it. BTW, it's much easier if your hair is wet - the sections stay together (and seperate from the rest of your hair) a lot easier.

    Otherwise, you could just put several hairbands into your ponytail, spaced out maybe an inch apart? That would hold it together more.

    Also, IMO, if you wear your hair down for cycling, there's no way you have "long" hair!

  • Shave it all off and wear a wig.
  • I've got long hair but just stick it in a ponytail and don't have any issues......and it's thick and curly but no trouble with the helmet either.  A french plait is easy with a bit of practise.
  • I band it in the nape of my neck.

    I did once put a high one on and had to yank it out to get my helmet on... (idiot !!)

  •  Ive had bloody long hair at times. Just whack a buff on your bonce in T1, keeps it all out the way and no lumps under your bike lid.
  • This probably a daft (and unpopular!) question, bur if your first tri is Sunday and your hair is an issue, why haven't you tried different methods out before now?

    FWIW, I plaited mine when it was longer and put it into a high pony tail now - my cycling helmet is adjusted to accommodate it!

  • Thanks everyone for the useful suggestions.  I'll give all of them a try and see which works best for me.

    flyaway wrote (see)

    Also, IMO, if you wear your hair down for cycling, there's no way you have "long" hair!

    Flyaway - it's halfway down my back but I am so rubbish with my hair that I just push it to the back of the helmet and sometimes it gets a bit caught up in the ear area straps. image 

  • Min - I have never done these 3 disciplines together and it only just occured to me today when I was going through my checklist for Sunday that I need to sort it out pre-swim if I can and not have to faff with it again.
  • TR wrote (see)
    No2 all over, since when did looks matter ?
    Having experienced the shower facilities at Roth, I can confirm that many German triathletes take that statement literally.
  • Aha! That explains it PL - best bet is a ponytail of some sort then?
  • couldn't cope with a ponytail in my helmet Min...doesn't it cause you a pain with it there at all...
  • Min you have mail.
  • I've been trying to work out how to write "I stroked FB's no. 2 on Monday and was delighted to find that it was very soft and not at all spiky" without it looking a bit image, but as we're all grownups I've decided to leave the statement as it is.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
  • fetishism at it's best

  • Pony tail for swim, bike. Throw a baseball cap and shades on for the run. Well actually still have shades on from the bike leg.
  • Parky - I have layers and I too find a high ponytail painful under a cycle helmet.  I tend to have the upper half of my hair in one ponytail, then for the swim, I put it all in a high ponytail but not pulling it all through (to create a bun effect).  After the swim I put it in a low ponytail so it comes below the helmet.  Depending on how I feel I may leave it like that or put it back in a high ponytail for the run.  All throughout the Tri, I keep the upper half pulled off my face.
  • Just popping in to say thanks everyone.  I've tried all of the suggestions and have found an easy solution for Sunday from above.  I'll work on learning to plait for the next time (if there is one).  I quite like the pigtail/Pippi Longstocking look.
  • Jeez, I thought it was a faff having bobbed hair.  It permanently looks sh*te at the moment, was considering growing it so I could tie it up, but this thread's just made me think going shorter would be better!

    Good luck with the tri Parklife! 

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