Mick Hall Photos Meerbrook 15K

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this is a very hilly steep race but the views are stunning from the top
and a fast downhill finish


  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Got my number for the race.  Just hope I can get up that hill in the middle!
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    I am number 111 in this race
  • I'm thinking of doing this but entering on the day - is that possible?

     Just how hard is it - e.g. compared to Stoke Half Marathon, which I did this year in 1h25, what could I expect to do this in?

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    it is tough between mile 1 and 2 as it is all up hill
  • Thomas, I did the Potters Arf in 1.24 last year and did this race in just over 62 mins. So that may give you a rough idea but this is a tough one.

    I'm hoping to get under the hour this year.

  • This is a mega tough race, but well worth doing.  I did 64 mins 2 years ago and 67 mins last year.  No idea what this year will bring

    Thomas - yes you can definitely enter on the day (Mick Hall himself told me on Thurdsay) 

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    my PB at this race is 1h 3 mins it is worth doing this for the hills and views
  • Nice one - thanks.  Think I'll do it as a training run and see what it brings (although my competitive edge will inevitably kick in and make me want to "race"!).

     Does anybody have a map of the route?

  • I'm tempted.....Just choosing between 3 races for Sunday.....hmmmm......image
  • Does anyone know the address where we meet? I can't find the name of the road the village hall is on. It just says "Meerbrook village hall, near Leek". image

    I'm looking at Meerbrook Road where it comes to a T junction. I'm guessing the village hall is somewhere near there???

  • BB

    If its the same T junction which i think it is, you go left at the junction and the village hall is just up there to the right.

    BUT if you get as far as the T junction, there'll be loads of runners and people parking anyway so you (really) cant miss it!

  • Thanks Russell. image I don't have a sat nav so often get lost!!

    Just posted an entry. Hope the rain buggers off for Sunday. I want to see these great views.... image

  • Good luck everyone. I'm legging it to Alton Towers afterwards. image
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    have a good time on the rides
  • You mean in the queues..... image image
  • My boyfriend and I have entered as a challenge as we are doing great north in sept but only raced 10k's so far. Looking forward to the views but a bit worried about the hills to get there!!!
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    take your time at the start bit the hill is steep but given the right pace you and yor boy friend can do it
  • Thanks for support! Just getting ready to leave now!!!!
  • Really enjoyed the race today.  Found it just as tough as other years but pleased to knock over 3 minutes off last years time and do 64.22, just 5 seconds off a pb.  Very pleased just to finish too

    Bit slippy in parts with the rain.  Felt very clever that i worked out that the 12 and 11 km markers were reversed!

  • When I saw the 12k marker I felt really quick, then reality dawned on meimage It gave me a chuckle to see someone running towards us with the correct 11k marker. I wish the last few markers came rushing towards me that quickly!!  lol

    Great race and areal test. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!

  • A great race image Very Very Hilly but at the same time Nice down hills as well . Will be back next year i think lol x
  • Thoroughly enjoyable race and nobody was lying when they said the hills were really tough!  Russell - I think I must have been really close to you today as I did 64.03 (by my watch)...!
  • Thomas

    Results now out on John Schofield site.  You did 64.16, i did 64.27.  You must be the guy that steamed past me on the down hill run in, ( i had blue cheadle rc top on)!

    Very tough race.  Very tired but plesaed with my time

    Felt as though a few beers was in order after it all finished!

    Bring on Leek half on Aug 22!! 

  • Very nice. Lots of cows, & did you see those giant pigs??!!

    Let it be known The Bimbler did not walk at any point......which you might find hard to believe if you saw my time. image

    Alton Towers was good too. Good weather. The attendants on Ripsaw were really playing about drenching everyone.

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    well done bright in my 7k got 29 mins took of with the front lot
  • Nice one Compo. There was a Kenyon that won this. He was a whippet. Same fella that won Sale 10. He even beat Andi Jones...
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