Beer Fuelled PB's

OK - so a boys boozy night out in town on Friday night - (but I had done a track session beforehand, so that cancels out the bad - doesn't it).

Next morning - 4 hours sleep later - manage to get to the gym - 30mins on the bike, seems OK, treadmill beckons to me, and I haven't thrown up yet, so that looks good.
Start off with no real intent, and end up less than 20mins later having covered 5k in (for me) record time - especially as I was running intervals too.
Is this a cunning plan for future events ? And if I'd got really plastered - would that mean I could get through a Marathon without noticing ?


  • This is how I do it too
  • I unwittingly had a 11 hour cider binge the day before a Race for Life this year (9 pints - record for me in itself!) and although it was not the quickest time for me, my sister managed a PB (she'd had 9 pints of lager!) I think what saved us was pasta. After i'd had a heart attack at the clock radio alarm switching on (i'd requested full volume apparently!) I got up and made pasta with a scrummy tomato sauce - a true saviour and no throwing up! Not sure I would try the cider tactic again - perhaps a fluke or perhaps still drunk at the race!!
  • a few months ago I had a full blooded vein busting hangover from hell. I decided to go out for a quick 5 miler to ease the pain (which it didn't... made it worse!) and managed to wipe a cool 1 1/2 mins of my pb... Crazy! It took me months to be able to get anywhere near that time when fully sober...

    The moral of this is this... booze is good for you
  • A few years ago I ran the Mortimer 10k the night after a dinner party (bed by about 4am & a box full of empty wine/port bottles later) and ran a pb.
    Always find that the evening after a heavy lunchtime session I run reasonable well.

    Guilt ? or hop loading ?
  • Tim
    We were supposed to have a couple of sociable drinks whilst watching a rugby final so at the very most 2 and a half hours were planned - unfortunately being surrounded by Irishmen whose team had just lost - how could we let them drown their sorrows alone?!
  • Hey - if Runners World wanna do a study on this I'd be willing to be the drunken Guinea Pig. %-)
    Of course, RW would need to cover my expenses - this beer thing is more expensive than all those lovingly crafted Isotonic drinks !
  • I wonder if it's anything to do with the alcohol thinning the blood and making it circulate better?

    Ashamed as I am I got a bit bladdered Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (one of those rare weekends when all festivities collide) and I didn't do very well in training, I felt a bit tired and sorry for myself (and I don't think the same applies to Vodka Black Ice). But I have enjoyed nice beer fuelled Saturday morning runs before, (in those experiments it was many bottles of Bud.)
  • Caz - Yeah Bud was the mainstay of my Friday night - so that makes sense.
    So lager and cider are both good. (but probably not combined)

    Vodka Black Ice - bad.

    What else is good for PB's ?

    I expect this thread will be squashed soon by the Legal Dept of Lucozade.
    Imagine the ads = buy a crate load of Budweiser and the PB is in the bag !
  • Oh and I should have mentioned I mixed the VBI with Archers Aqua and wine. So maybe that's the reason. Wine on it's own is definitely bad, so maybe I'll try VBI and AA nights individually to examine the real effects. Purely research of course.
  • We should get a grant for this.
  • I think so.
  • i tried running home from night club on sat night as i could not find a is about 40km to my house.sadly after about 15km i was mugged by 5 dodgy geezers but due to my superior speed i managed to get away (with my mobile phone but minus credit card).my friend collected me and i got home just in time to go run a half marathon.not the first time i have gone straight form pub to start line.dont recomend it though
  • You inspirational lot.
    I've been doing this wrong for months.

    I'll get blootered on Friday and see what the legs'll do for me.
    What's the worst that can happen?
  • Cougie,
    Assuming it is Prague that I recognise in your picture, you should go back there for the experiment. Really excellent beer at negligible prices.

    Perhaps we should all get together for a session before the next Prague marathon? :-)
  • Disappointingly, on closer inspection there's a very british traffic light in the picture.

    Don't all those old bridges look the same?

  • Nice deductions Ross - it's Tower Bridge from FLM this year.
    I did meet up with RatBag, Sterling, Snoop,Jon & a few others the night before the event, but foolishly just chose Orange to drink. I know better for next time.

    Form has gone off today for next year. 7 months to arrange the beer !
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