which way round should i wear my new running vest?

i have just joined a running club and will be racing for them for the first time on saturday, as part of the club fees i was given a new club vest with the club name on it. but i'm unsure which way round to wear it, does the name go on the back or the front?


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    This thread is no good without pictures.


  • normally on the inside with the label sticking out at the front.....
  • Unless of course you are a laydeee
  • ahh, no, classic newbie mistake. what you think is a vest is, in fact, actually shorts. They have added ventilation so that you don't over heat in the nether regions. 
  • Your arms go through the two holes to either side image
  • It depends - is it a front-name club or a back-name club? Getting it wrong could result in disqualification. From everything.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    I suggest you stop halfway and switch your shirt round (not forgetting to change your running number to the 'new' front). this way you can sure of being right at least half the time!
  • Hang on... I see the problem now. You've got it inside-out.
  • To be honest, I've always found that it depends on which side you put your ipod - a must in any race.  If you carry your ipod in one of those arm thingies on the left side, then your ipod wires are going to swing to the left, so you need to have your vest on with your club name etc on the back.

    If you do the opposite and have your ipod thingie on the right, then you will be disqualified unless you wear your vest inside out and back to front. 

    If, however, you wear yours in a bumbag / pocket towards the front, then you won't even be allowed out of the car park unless you have matching vest, shorts, socks and shoes (all brand new) and your vest MUST be worn with the large hole at the top and the small hole at the bottom.

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