does it matter which foot i put my sock on?

i have just bought some lovely new running socks with different coloured bits on them, can i put them on either feet?


  • they are for your ears silly
  • you could put them on your hands and use them as mittens image
  • as long as you do it in the right order

    because the sky will fall in if you do not

  • You know what they say about big feet?

    Big socks

  • Hello Lurker, how are you today?image
  • It does matter which sock on which foot. My friend bought hers from Aldi and they were a R and a L sock (it said on the toes).  Anyway she put them on the wrong way round, and sure enough, ran round in a big circle. BEWARE !
  • I find it amusing why no one has noticed he brought them for running !!    image
  • nooooo he bought running socks

    he certainly didnt say he was ever going to run i them 

  • The forum seems to be suffering from OCD tonight. 1234 1234

    What's wrong with u all? 1234 1234

  • hello madlot - i am fine
  • speak for yourself sir
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