Any events similar to Tough Guy?

Anybody got any ideas for a race of a similar style to Tough Guy that's taking part over the Summer? I've done the Winter and Summer races before and wana get in a similar race before September when I leave civvy street.


  • There's nothing quite as good, you could do Hellrunner or the likes but you'd be better with a mountain / fell event. Much closer to military training. Due to Elf & safety you're not allowed to do anything like TG. But you will be expected to yomp for miles over fells.
  • Darn, most of the Hell Runner and Grim races aren't until October/November... I'm moving down to Dartmouth, so will hopefully get the chance to do the Royal Marines course, but being right next to Dartmoor I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time there with a backpack on...
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