Getting back

I moved house, changed scenery gained two foster children and lost the time, ability and motivation to train. Any Ideas? Currently living in the country with the only access to the highway via 1/2 mile track with no lights anywere. Should I give up??


  • You know the answer or you wouldn't be in this forum. Make time to train during the day - you only need 45 minutes. Perhaps you could take advantage of being in the country by doing more off-road running at weekends. I find it helpful to ring fence time for running. I hope that you are able to find some way to keep going - good luck.
  • I live in the steamy middle east and and I am already trying to think of routes around this concrete jungle where I live (with little/no footpaths, leering construction workers and maniac drivers) to go for my early morning runs once the weather is cooler (next month I hope - fed up of the treadmill and need variety).

    My point? - Where there is a will there is a way!

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