Suitable Training Schedule?

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to running but have an athletic background, and am looking to run the Dublin marathon in October (in no particular time).

I have come up with the following schedule in order to get ready, and just wanted to ask some experienced runners if it is suitable.

I was running for about a month before making the schedule too. All distances are in km, I'd be grateful for any advice!

And the week-long rest I had was for personal reasons, it wasnt planned.


  • Having only run one marathon I wouldn't say I'm experienced, but there are a few issues with your schedule which jump out at me:

     - You're running 6 times a week towards the end of your schedule, which I would only expect from runners with several marathons under their belt who are aiming for a fast time. It's too much for somebody who is preparing for their first marathon with only one month of running before starting the schedule. It's likely to get you injured.

    - You need a rest day after your long run to allow your body enough time to recover.

    - Also, the day before your long run, you are running too far doing 10km. It should be a maximum of 3 to 4 miles (about 5km to 6.5km).

    - Your schedule is very repetitive - if you have more variety you might find it easier to stick to in a few weeks' time. Instead of having 2 fartlek sessions a week I suggest you swap them for one interval session and one marathon or half marathon pace session.

    - I would also vary the length of the mid week runs rather than consistently running 10km. The mid-week runs should probably range from 4 to 5 miles up to 8 to 10 miles depending on the type of session.

     I suggest that you look at the schedules under the training tab on this forum - you will find plenty of RW schedules designed in this way.

     I hope that helps and good luck with your training! For what it's worth I used the RW Garmin ready schedules from this website for the VLM this year and am using them again to train for the Munich marathon in October.

  • Hi rzc1,

    Thanks for the tips, I've taken them all on board. I wasnt aware there were training plans on this site, I've had a good look at them and tweaked my schedule accordingly (they seem to comply with your advice!).

    Just a couple more questions and I'll be out your way!
    By marathon pace, do you mean slower than usual? So if I was aiming for a 5 hour marathon, 5 miles at marathon pace is roughly an hour. (Just seems really slow to me).

    Also, the schedules mention hill runs and off road runs. Living in London I cant recall there being any hills nearby, and the closest I can get to off road are the grass fields in the local park. Will these do?
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