St Neots Riverside Half-Marathon

I have missed the deadline for entering the half, so if anyone cannot make it please can you let me know and I will buy your entry.



  • Hi Lisa,

    I have an entry for this year's St Neots Half if you still want one. I'm double booked on events, doing the Human Race WildMan Duathlon on 20 Nov (12km trail run, 24km MTB, 6km trail run).

    Kind Regards

    Paul McCarthy
  • Paul - many thanks for your response.  I wanted to enter the St Neots half as my parents live in St Neots so it would have been a good opportunity to do the run and then visit my parents.  However, they have just told me they are away that weekend so I no longer want to enter.

    Thanks very much anyway - I would have jumped at this chance had things been different!

    Good luck for your human race, sounds totally amazing!!



  • Hi,

    I am also on the look out for a place if anyone still has a spare place as they are no longer running please can you let me know



  • Hi

    I'm also looking to buy a place off someone.  I'll train for it anyway and keep my fingers crossed.



  • As above I am also looking for 2 places for this race for myself and my partner. We live in Buckden so this would be an ideal event for us. If anyone wishes to sell their entry please let me know.

    Many thanks


  • I'll add my name to the list of people looking for places. Anyone have two spaces to sell/transfer?
    Many thanks, Nick
  • I would also like to add my name to the list for two spaces to transfer - still a while to go so might be in with a chance! It's a good race, but just left it too late to enter!!
    Cheers Tracey
  • Following the thread above, if anyone has a spare place I would love to hear from you! I live in the Romford area and would be glad to pick up the number if one is available locally, otherwise we could do the exchange by post. I note that there is an exchange facility on the St. Neots website.

    There are plenty in the queue in front of me, but you can but hope!



  • And another!!!    I live in Peterborough but happy to tak emy place in the queue!!

  • Another name ... I suddenly got myself a free weekend 20/21 Nov, so it would be great to get a place someone does not need.
  • I'm entered in the St Neots half, but still haven't recovered from an ankle injury, therefore will not be able to run. If anyone is interested, please contact me on the email address below. I'll use the riverside runners transfer system, which should allow the details to be changed prior to them sending out the race packs. This needs to be done by the 7th November.

    In the interest of fairness, I'll await contact by Friday, and then offer it to whoever is first in the above queue. If I've had no contact by then whoever is first to contact me after that time is free to take the place.



  • Hi,

    I'm entered but have had to pull out through a back problem.  I'm looking to transfer my place and would like to recover my entry fee.


  • Just wondered if there have been any takers for the places now available? I am still interested if there are no other takers!
  • Thanks for all the replies. but my place has now been taken.


  • I live in Peterborough and just recovered from injury lay-off. Would be interested in a place if anyone has any.

    Thanks, Chris.

  • I'm interested in buying someone's place if they cannot run. My email is


  • got a place for the cost of the entry. Can only transfer to an affiliated runner.

  • I have a place up for grabs - it's an affiliated club place and the race site says it can only be transferred to another club affiliated runner. Anyone interested, send me a pm with your email address.
  • I am an affiliated runner if any such places are still going. Please email me
  • My place has gone now.
  • Ah well - has anybody else got an Affiliated Entry?
  • It's a long shot but I'm also desperate to enter this race if anyone has a spare non-affiliated entry.  I'll happily send a self-addressed stamped envelope to make getting the number easier.  I'll hang in there right till the end if anyone can't make it at the last minute. 


  • OK - I've got an entry available (it's for an affiliated place) - who's at the top of this "waiting list"
  • Affiliated entry place available due tomy leg injury not healing fast enough.

    Looking to recover my cost of entry, so if you still are hoping to run, then contact me asap, so the transfer can be done before the 7th November.

  • affiliated place available. Still not fit enough to run. just want to recover my entry cost. contact  me asap as transfers need to be done by tomorrow 7th Nov. and we can do transfer straight away. my race number is 54. Numbers are picked up on the day at race HQ.
  • You can do a transfer on the day, so if anyone wants my place, please email me on /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]] and I will arrange.

  • I also have an affiliated place available to transfer on the day if anyone wants to arrange to meet me before the start to transfer.
  • I might be interested in this, but what's an affiliated entry? is it different than a normal entry?
  • It means you are affiliated to a running club and therefore will have paid less to enter.
  • My affiliated place is still available. I am a Riversider so can sort out transfer on the day.Email me on /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]]
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