Help! I've been running for a year and until about 6 weeks ago never got any blisters, even after 2 half marathons I was blister free.

However I'd bought some saucony support shoes (after being assessed) and I ran fine in them but after a 12miler I had 2 bad blisters on my big toe and next toe. So I went back to my old Brookes infiniti for a while. However, whilst those blisters have gone I am now riddled on both my little toes the sides of both my big toes and slightly lower down on inside of foot. 

 I've just been on holiday for 2 weeks and they havent cleared even though i didnt run once. Ive just done an 11 miler and now have blood blister on inside of right big toe.These are really painful and I smother them in vaseline and run in either compeed plasters or the corn toe tubes to protect them but my feet are getting ruined and hurt.

Am I missing something? Why now? Could a chiropodist help? Any tips greatly appreciated!


  • I'm only a newbie, but bought some Adidas trainers on the advice of SweatShop and they're v comfy to run in until 2 miles and then blisters strike.

    The only way i can avoid it is by taping up with zinc oxide tape in a few layers, but this was driving me mad, so I ended up getting new shoes in the end.

    Sorry if that's not much help, but it was my experience that the shoes just weren't right.  Someone told me that Sweatshop now have a 30 day money back guarantee, so maybe go there for a new pair if you do have to do that.......


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