Barcelona Euro Champs 2010

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Watched this yesterday and was amazed at the 20km "walk" time of 1:20:10

So - that's 80 minutes for 20km? Or 4 consecutive 5kms @ 20 mins each...

I had to look up the rules for the event, and basically, a foot has to be in contact with the ground at all times - but even so, it brought my 21:23 5km time into perspective a bit!


  • Cheers GeeForce.

    Great mens 10,000m last night by the two British guys. I thought ChrisThompson eased up just before the line and his silver was so very nearly bronze. Very basic error ! Well done to the 2 British female 800m runners on reaching the Final.

    Fav Euro Champs moment from past ? 1986 Mens 800m .'Three Spitfires out of the sun'. Coe, Mckean and Cram win all 3 medals. It was pouring most of that week though !

  • Yeah, I thought the men's 10k last night was a good watch. Made even better by gold and silver for Britain. Mo won the gold with ease and looked like he had more in the tank. Chris seem to be giving it his all, but did enough for silver.

    This is on the tele until Sunday, so hopefully more good athletics to watch.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    I've got a couple of club mates there - Conrad Williams, 400m, and Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun, 200m.  Not that they're me bezzies or anything, but certainly adds a lot of interest!
  • Mens 10k was excellent.

    I didn't think Thompson eased up - I thought he was busted and doing everything he could. Took a lot of grit and character from him.

    Looking forward to mens 5k / 800m womens race.

    A few Irish in there too with a chance of some medals so will be cheering them on.

    First white man to run under 10 seconds in the 100m so be interesting to see how he gets on. Also a visually impaired guy is running for Ireland and doing quite well. (Though he will be lucky to make final)

  • Fantastic mens 10,000 I thought, and so good to actually be able to get excited about a race and have it rewarded.

    Disappointing not to see anyone women in the 10,000 tonight. I'm currently marvelling at how lean Abeylegesse is! 

  • Well done to Mark Lewis Francis on his silver in 100m. Thought the French guy(who won it and a 'well done' to him) and Dwain Chambers would have got 1 and 2 but wasn't sure in what order. Oh well wrong again.

    Thankfully I ain't a betting personimage

    Love the big championships, always have done so.

  • Must admit, I thought the attendances would have been bigger than they have been so far !
  • Your right there birkmyre. From what I have seen so far the crowds have been poor.

    Thought the women's 10k was a good watch last night as was the men's 100m. Hope this evenings action is as entertaining.

  • I still rate (and enjoy) the European Championships as a high level event.
  • bol saucebol sauce ✭✭✭

    I've thoroughly enjoyed watching it so far, and wondered also why stadium so empty?

    Men's 5k shortly, and looking forward to watching some of the 50k 'walk' tomorrow morning! Can't believe how fast they go.

  • Well doneBritain. Gold in Mens Triple Jump,cracking wining jump by Idowu (apologies if wrong spelling ?) and a bronze in High Jump. Why does Bernard wear 'beach style shorts' though ?!image
  • Another well done to all the British medalists. Watched some highlights on bbc  sport and have taped about 2.5 hrs worth !

    Great to see Jess Ennis leading the Hept too.

  • Disaster for GB in mens 4x100m relay heat this morning. We either medal or don't qualify !
  • Watched the end of the women's marathon this morning and thought it made good viewing.

    The men's 4x400m team looked good qualifying for final.

  • tommygunn: Fair point re Thompson in 10k.

     I just wonder why the Euros are so early this year,they used to be end of August, didn't they ?

     Is it to do with Diamond League etc...

  • Three more Gold for Britain tonight.

     Farah does the 5k/10k distance track double. Brilliant

  • Shouldn't have read this should I, was going onto "On Demand" to watch 5k, but even though now know the result should make a good watch.

    Best moment so far - Andy Turner- that's one in the eye for the lottery funders who wrote him off.

    Well done to all who have a medal (or even reached a final) and particularly to those for whom it was unexpected - and for all the PB's, you can't ask for more.

    Biggest disappointment is the 4x100 relays.

  • I thought the performances in the marathon were encouraging. No big names but 8th in the mens and the womens team bronze. The latter may not be too significant but I think that some of our men and women should be thinking about the Commonweath Games. There's 3 months to recover and I don't think that Delhi in October will be as hot as Barcelone has been. I imagine that some people will be going for the big city marathons in the autumn so there could be a chance for someone to make a breakthrough in a tactical championship race rather than getting hammered by Gebrsellassie and his pacemakers.
  • Enjoyed it this last week or so. Thought Dobriskey was going to win it in womens 1500m, but was forced too wide too often on the last lap.
  • Best non Brit moment. The German athlete producing that winning jump, seemingly from no-where in the mens long jump.
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