Tough Guy Alternatives

Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has already been discussed in a thread.

Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Tough Guy? I've done Tough Guy 3 times and really enjoyed it, but I just cant justify this years entry price of £140!

I've just entered Hell Down South which looks pretty good fun but just wondered if anyone knew of any other similar events?




  • Anything at all!?
  • There's nothing really like TG, apart from TG.

    There's events like Mighty Deerstalker in the Scottish borders but this like the Sodbury slog are more of a x-country with a few obstacles.

     You could try and get a few mates together and make something up but you're going to be hard pressed to find water jumps and electric fences etc.

  • as 10' says there is nothing like TG

    the closest I guess is the Commando Challenge in Devon but even then it has nothing like the Killing Fields of TG - and is in October so the water will be warm! poofs...

    things like Hellrunner, Grizzly, Grim etc have their own challenges but are essentially just wet muddy XC courses.
  • There are electric fences around some of my fields. You could run around, dodging cowpats and the slurry pit quid?  image

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