I thought I was reasonably fit, but flipping heck, I did 3 x 3 minutes skipping with a rope in the gym this morning, and it was knackering.

It's clearly a really good cardio work out.  But are there any disadvantages to skipping for runners?

I have a slightly troublesome achilles, any thoughts on whether skipping would cause problems, or help?


  • TeuchterTeuchter ✭✭✭

    Hiya BBP - long time no speak - as it were !!  How's it going..... wotcha got planned next ??

    As it happens I've also got an onoing achilles prob at the mo - I'm hoping some recently-acquired orthotics will sort out the underlying problem!! In the meantime, I've been doing circuits a couple of times a week, mainly for the cardio  but I substitute anything that involves sudden or rapid ankle twists or jarring to the ankle.... I've found the skipping generally not to be too bad tho... apart from knackering that is ! image

  • If you run on your forefoot its very good for your form, gives the calves a cracking workout.

    Not sure how good it is for an achilies problem though.

  • Hey Teuchter,

    Nice to hear from you image

    Nothing planned until October, then I've got a 15km trail race in Coniston, and the Dublin marathon - busy month!!!

    And of course, I assume Wesham will be on in November - got to try and crack that 50mins image

    Sorry to hear you also have an achilles problem. I got some orthotics earlier this year, I'm a bit sceptical about how much good they do,but touching lots of wood, as long as I don't overdo it, the achilles hasn't been too bad. Just never seems to get better either though - hey ho, maybe that's just getting old image

    Glad it's not just me who finds skipping hardwork. I can't believe kids do it for FUN!!!????

  • Madlot, I can feel my calves tightening up already, they are defo going to ache tomorrowimage
  • TeuchterTeuchter ✭✭✭
    BBP - of course -I forgot about Dubbers... Good Luck with that... image I've got Glasgow and Warrington (English) half's line up - so working to stay fit for those. As to the orthotics.... well, it's really too early to say whether they'll do the trick... but I'm hoping so.... I really dont know what to try next if it doesn't resolve the achilles prob !! image
  • It is hard mate. Tried it at a gym on holiday and really felt it !
  • if youre bouncing off your toes and forefoot  it will affect your achilles. (hard not to do otherwise). How much or badly is hard to say, but I doubt the tendon will escape some degree of a work-out. Proceed with care!

    Skipping is otherwise a great workout and as you land on both feet to a certain extent you do lessen the impact on joints.

    It is however hard to go long and get a great aerobic workout - but you will improve with practice.

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