Anyone doing any sportives in the near future?

After a brief flirt with the idea of doing a tri or dualathlon, and having that idea dashed by my continuing ITB issues that only happen when I run, I am thinking of trying to get a few sportives in before the year is up.

Anyone got any recommendations?, in the S/E, E, or midlands if poss?, thinking maybe the tour of kent?, anyone done it?.

Also doing my first "official" time trial in a couple of weeks, so if that goes well, might make that a frequent occurance.


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    not done the Tour of Kent but have done the Ride of the Falling Leaves (October 3 - info via and not listed on which starts/finishes at Herne Hill velo track - in fact you start with one lap of it.....good ride with some tough hills after 1/2 way and the stinger up Crystal Palace Hill just before the end which hurts!

    there's also the new Cyclefit Fondo - Tour of Romney Marsh in mid Sep which is interesting - mostly flat but a couple of short stiff feckers thrown in as well.

    in fact there's a number of good sportives in the SEast over the next couple of months to keep people happy - hope to do a couple myself in Autumn
  • Thanks FB, both those look interesting, I'd like to try something with some climbs, we are quite lacking in them around here!!
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    if you want climbs then any of the sportives in Kent/Sussex/Hants will have them - the Fondo one probably being the flattest of the lot. I train a lot on the Romney Marshes and it's as flat as they come but the little hill at Lympne that's mentioned goes from flat to 20% in yards - it's tough anytime (but thankfully short) but after miles of flat just hurts. think of how bad that little hill was towards the end of Flatout - and then triple the steepness!! ouch....
  • here's another two (bottom of the page)

  • Yeah, that incline was a bit of a shock to the system after hours of flat!, will check out the dates, and see how many I can fit in.


  • I'm doing the broken spoke sportif from chester on sunday - that's no use though.
    I do fancy the dreilandergiro next year though.
  • Im sure Kilo to go had a Rutland sportive on the 3rd October I think
  • Dunsfold will keep you happy. Pirated a couple of years ago. Lovely route.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    I was hoping to do the Leicestershire Supertour on Sept 5th but might be on holiday then now.

    That looks a good one Cougie - I'm planning on doing a continental sportive  as a bit of a target next year - something to train for.   Not sure what to go for yet - was thinking of the Ardechoise though the Marmotte seems more popular with people I've asked.   

  • +1 for Dunsfold, or their Petersfield one, the Southern Sportive.
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