Robin Hood Marathon

Now that the pain is starting to leave my legs a bit, I feel able to talk about the Nottingham Marathon.

What a great event - I really enjoyed the day - although that run into the wind from mile 20 to 21 was a bit cruel, wasn't it ?

I'd like to say a big "Thank you" to the organisers - I have nothing but praise for them (although I didn't need to queue for the toilets) making the whole thing seemingly faultless.

But I'd like to say an even bigger "thank you" to the marshalls - it can't be a great way to spend your Sunday watching everyone run by for hours on end - but these good folks were encouraging, cheerfull and full of support for tired runners. It made a big difference to me to be told exactly where to go by a smiling face rather than try to make sense of cones and tape with a brain numbed by fatigue.

I'd like to applaud them in the same enthusistic manner that they clapped and cheered me on throughout the race.

Thank you one and all.

As an aside, I was experimenting with Joosters as an alternative to gels, which don't seem to do me much good. Fantastic ! I didn't hit the wall at 18 as I normally do and felt good enough to push at 24 and up my pace for the finish. I made myself drink lots of water too - more tha I normally would - and feel that this combination really made a difference.
One slight draw-back ... Joosters in a plastic container make you sound like a manic Mexican with awesome maraccas !!!
I need to fit some sort of silencer - I'm working on the technology :-)

Cheers and well done to everyone else who enjoyed yesterday in Nottingham as much as me.


  • It was my first half marathon,really enjoyed the day!

    I was surprised at the inclines in the first section of the course, and wasted a lot of energy trying to keep to my target time.

    Definately want to enter more Half marathons building to a full 26 next year.
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