Croydon 5k Park Run

Hello Friends,

I am trying to bring parkrun ( ) to the Lloyds park in Croydon. This will be a weekly, free, timed run open to people of all age and ability, on Saturday 9:00 AM. I have obtained the permission from Croydon council and assistance from the parkrun to start such an event. But before I can proceed further, the council has asked me gather some commited volunteers required for organising the run. Normally the runners themselves volunteer for such tasks but as I do not have any runner at all, I need to some volunteers first.

I have therefore come to this forum looking for volunteers and prospective runners alike.
Please help me in this community event.



  • Hi Nishant

    Good for you, a great venue - what is your planned route?

  • I think it is a brilliant idea. I really hope it works out. As I am pregnant at the moment I cannot help out but I will spread the word...


  • Hello Folks,

    I am coming back to this forum again after long time. ( so much so that I forgot the user-id for my account here on RunnersWorld ).

    The good News is that the Parkrun has started in Lloyd Park. We started it end of October. I forgot to post this news here as I got busy with job-hunt ( and wife-hunt : ) ). I had to go to India in November for my engagement, and then when I came back in December,  winter was in full force.

    Now that temprature is on rise, I think it's high time to invite you all runners to this parkrun, for running. You can have some glimpse of the parkrun at Lloyd Park through the report that I have started writing for last two weeks.

    Hope to see you there on the ground.


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