I've set one up.image

No idea if anyone will read it and frankly, if they don't, that's fine too!

What on earth do you write about though? Do you pour your heart out? Have a moan or just go on about training?

I have an inkling that if I wrote "ran 3.6 miles at 72% WHR today" you'd switch right off but if I put "had a cracking sesh with Mr LB last night" you might read on.....image

How much is too much? And what are the rules?

By the way - not planning on writing about Mr LB and our love lifeimage


  • I've had one for a couple of years. I mainly witter about my quilting, but throw in general life gripes as well.

    There's a widget you can add that shows who's read your blog and where they're from...nothing specific, it might say "a person from Plymouth read your blog 1 hour ago", but it's quite nice to see where your readers are from.

    Don't think there's any rules. I mainly read quilting blogs, but also some general life ones. My favourite non-quilting ones have lots of photos, and are properly spelt and punctuated. I don't like reading ones with lots of adverts linked in to them....too obvious and in your face.

    Have a look at some other blogs to get a feel for how much might be too much for your own comfort.

    Then add a link to your FB page so we can all read about your marathon session with Mr LB image

  • Mainly about  my training, Pulls together ramblings from facebook and here
  • I set up a blog when I first started running as a way to track my progress. It went on from there to an account about all sorts of things I think or see when I'm out running. I don't update it as often as I did as since moving from London as I haven't had much inspiration, but you can read my blog here: jogblog

    LB - where's your's? I'd love to read it (and any others). 

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    not got one but read one from a bus driver and it really good to read saying what he had done that day
  • LB - can I have the link to your blog please?

    I started writing my blog 4 years ago as I started to prepare for my first Ironman race with Dave the Ex Spartan amongst others. It really started just for myself as a record, and for friends and family to keep up to date with my training and preparation. It kind of took off and I got emails from people all over the world sharing their thoughts and saying I inspired them. Bizarely a book deal followed and I now write a regular blog for Triathlete Europe magazine as well.

    I basically write what I feel, I'm not elegant but I'm honest. It's mostly about training, competing and occassionally I'll comment on other stuff. It won't be everyones cup of tea but I enjoy writing, basically LB just write about whatever you want as long as you enjoy writing it.

    My personal Blog

    My Triathlete Europe Blog

  • I've got one on Fetch. Generally it's just musing about training and races. If I'm a bit pissed off I have a moan, but unless you really know me it would be hard to work out what I'm moaning about!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I used to keep a general one but cba anymore. I have used blogs a couple of times for 'big' holidays/events as a way of keeping in touch with people while I'm away. My parents loved that they could see photos within hours of me doing something. Most gory photos are here.
  • LB, I know you have an interesting life, and that all sorts of exciting things happen in your world, so I'm sure your blog will be great reading.  image

    However, I can't get my head round the idea of wanting to read the day to day stuff that is most people's blogs.

    Things like Womble's LJOG blog, something out of the ordinary, by someone you've met (or feel you 'know' via the forum), are interesting.

    "last night I ran 7 miles at 9:30 pace" and "my washing machine broke down"  are not. 

    That's the sort of stuff I do, or that happens to me, so it's really not very gripping in someone else's life.

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

     but if I put "had a cracking sesh with Mr LB last night" you might read on.....image

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