Talkback: Beat Mid-Run Demons

16oz of water?? which century are we in?


  • I suspect we are in the right century but wrong country. Probably written for USA...
  •  I'm pleased that I am not on my own having such symptoms. I had thought may have to stop running but looked at all options available to keep running. I am now glad I did it appears to be getting better after a few uncomfortable months. Managed 19 miles at weekend without any problems. Hope on Marathon day things are just as good, enough to worry about without that.
  • I'm so pleased to see this article. It's a great help to me.

    I had a similar experience last week and being new to running was too embarassed to speak to my coach about it. I feel much better about it now I've seen this. Well done for discussing sensitive and embarassing issues.

  • I wonder which of the problems the bloke in the photo's experiencing.
  • All of them.
  • Glad to have found this article, only just made it in home in time!! Will try the suggestions about not eating 2hrs before running don't want to embarsse myself on my 1st 10km next month!
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