When to start using carb supplements whilst running

Hi Everyone,

I've really started upping how far i'm running. Today I did 11 miles and I was just wondering when I should start supplementing my running with gels or carb drinks whilst i'm running. I managed 11 miles ok today and the only thing i take with me is water but if i tried using gels or something would it help my running or do you only really need to start using these products when your running like marathon distances?

Thanks for you help

Anna x


  • the advice I've read over the past few months suggests if you're going to be exercising for 90 minutes or longer, you'll need some more of energy bar / drink / jellybaby.  There's a good piece in the Nutrition section from last month (I think). Also, the lucozade dedicated running site has advice on fueling during a run and recovery post run.

    I tried dates and almonds as recommended by RW for my last LSR and didn't get on with them. The almonds dry your mouth and the dates took a lot of chewing!  I've also tried jellybeans and again didn't get on with them; being very small they're very easy to drop and, in this heat, they got very sticky.  They gave me a more obvious energy boost then the dates and almonds tho.

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