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Any other ladies out there suffer from really tender breasts when running before their period. I find it really painful especially on long runs and was wondering whether anyone had any good solutions. I already have a really good sports bra but it doesn't seem to help.

Thank you xxx


  • Yes sometimes, just one of those things unfiortunately, I've tried wearing 2 sports bras, one underneath more like a cropped top what you would wear to aerobics, with my running bra on top

    Are there any ladies that have had breast implants? How long did it take to recover and before you could start running again? Any one have any words of wisdom?

  • Some suggestions: taking evening primrose oil capsules (supposed to help regulate hormones) and cutting down/out caffeine - both supposed to reduce tenderness. Or at least that's what a GP once told me.

  • Since coming off the pill my boobs get large, tender and lumpy once a month image I heard the evening primrose thing as well so thinking of giving that a go. Caffeine reduction isn't an option!

    Julie - no words of wisdom on implants unfortunately but I did consider having them once. Are you definitely having it done?

  • Oh yes it's definitely happening! Dont know how I'm going to cope with down time of 4 to 6 weeks but hopefully I'll be ok.

    I'm trying to view it as "off season" rest period. Do you know any runners that have had this surgery?

    I'm interested in finding out the implications after the operation as regards getting back to running.

  • I get this pain every time I am mid-way between periods (ovulation) then again when I am on. I have heard its something to do with oestrogen levels.

    I have to take a step back from running when it peaks, it normally has one or two days where it feels bad then the next day is unbearable- I mean I can't even travel on a bus without being in pain! I have to not run on these days and instead things like cycling, eliptical machine or the stepper are somewhat easier. I concerntrate on my core and trying to keep my upper body stable so very little moves.

    I have yet to find a form of medication which helps and have been advised by a gynocologist to go on the pill which I refused as I am fat enough already and feel low enough about that already! There are apparently things such as the pill you can take though if its any help.

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