Dreaming of a 2:10 autumn half marathon...anyone with me??

Yesterday I managed an undulating 10 miler in Brecon in 1:41:11 which has given me hope of achieving my goal of the 2:10 half. PB so far for a half is 2:16 which was during my marathon training. Would love to know how others have managed to speed up and whether anyone else is dreaming of this goal?


  • Hi TK

    Im doing Burnham Beeches this month. My PB for this course is 2.07, its undulating, and its in summer. I did it in about 2.12 a few years back, and this time Im aiming at 2.15, factoring in the Sands of Time, and so on. So I guess Im about your ability.

    At the minute, Im doing long slow runs on a Sunday, up to about 14 miles now ready for BB, I go v slow, and its all trail, up and down, I do about a 12 minute + mile or so. I also have built up to 7 miles at 10.20 pace, which I do once a fortnight or so. This works for me in that it gives me confidence. It probably wont work for everyone, and I have built up slowly over the past few months.

    I also do 4 x 1 mile at about 9.10 pace once a fortnight. I find that v hard, probably too hard really, and I have cut those down now, preferring to do the longer paced run. I also swim, and a slow 40 min run too. One of the more experienced runners will probably come on and say Im doing far too much, but it works for me.

    Have you tried the Smartcoach programmes on RW? They can offer you a programme to suit. If you are doing 1.41 for an undulating, how about trying Cardiff Half? I think thats in October, not sure. You could be on for 2.10 for that.

    I have found the better quality quicker runs have the most impact on me, rather than the slower runs, although Im sure its a mixture of everything.

    I would suggest an Autumn Half rather than a summer one, and a flat one too. What are you doing at the minute training wise?

  • Thanks WV, very helpful.
    It's the Cardiff Half I'm booked in to do, I did it last year in 2:23 but I had been carrying a knee injury so hadn't fully trained. At the moment I run 3 times a week, which I'm thinking of upping to 4, tues is speedwork, thurs 6 - 8 miles (10-11 min mile pace), sundays 10-15 miles (11-11.5 min mile pace). Thinking of adding fridays in the form of a hilly 5.
    Will check out the smartcoach.
  • Yes, do that, you will find it at least a guide as to what you you should be thinking of. I would also get some running in at the pace you expect to be running at in the race itself. I find that really good, just to get a few miles under my belt, knowing they are the right pace for the big day.

    Im assuming that the Thurs run is your paced day? You may just want to keep that nearer the 10 minute mile, rather than the 10-11 minute mile. And aim for consistancy, aim for the same minutes per mile for mile 1 as for mile 8. That way your body is conditioned to expect to be running at 10 minute miles for the race, at the moment it will probably be thinking its OK to tail off at the end of the run if thats what you are doing in training.

     Good luck

  • My last miles are always slower! Thanks for all the advise and best of luck at Burnham Beeches - let me know how you get on.
  • Definitely aim for consistancy then.... The logic is that if you are slowing up at 8 miles, then what would you be like by mile 13 on Race Day?

    Ive had a bit of a downer just lately, all minor stuff.... HRM konking out, running without one (lost all idea of pace and effort), knee injury, away, illness etc etc etc. Its only been the last 2 weeks where Ive been able to do stuff that is consistant.

    Ive deliberately started out slower on the paced run now. Thoughts of a 2.05 Half were all behind the Disaster, and I was finding I was getting really puffed just after a mile doing 9.40 minute miling, and then with heat of the day on top, everything went t*ts up.I ended either stopping early or "intervals" as I tried to con myself, or giving up.

    Ive now re-adjusted my time, so that Im doing 10.20 miling, and yesterday went down to 10.10. Maybe I will get to 2.10, for the Half, I dont know, it depends on the weather now.

    But the main thing for me is that Im not flaking out, and Im getting the last mile the same as the first. Ive got no doubt that Burnham will be hard.. its an "undulating" course, and altho run in the shade, I have fears it will be hot. But Im making sure I wont lose heart in the race itself by going off too quick and aiming for a time I simply will not achieve.

    Let me know how it goes training wise! I will let you know how I go, too.

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