Jumbo thighs



  • Easy Jeans from USC, The comfort fit style offers a larger cut in the leg and slightly wider bottoms.

    edit: that's the bottom of the leg not the arse image

  • I'm alright, ta. Still a bit broken but bearing up. Haven't run (not even for a bus) for years. Been swimming a lot (upper body only) and cycling recently to try to get fit. Hence the thighs.
  • I've had some success with Fat Face trousers (this problem seems to extend to work trousers for me - it doesn't look reet proffessional if you end up flashing your undies because the ony trousers that fit over your hip/thighs have a mahooosive waist)

    Also like my O'Neil jeans... but had to get them in the sale.

    Happy shopping!

  • So when blokes wear them skinny jeans are they wearing "girlfriend jeans"?
    These days, why is it, girls look like blokes and blokes look like girls?
  • Levis 512s


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