Raidlight gear - anyone used these guys?

Hi all - I've just moved back to the UK from working in France and have been looking for a good source of Raidlight gear, as that's what I've been using over there (along with everyone else!). I checked out this website and they seem to have just about every item of RL clothing, packs and accessories, but just wondered if anyone else had used them? The site's run by a couple who seem to have done some pretty extreme events (MDS, Atacama, Yukon etc) - but I'd never heard of them until Googling around for Raidlight. Any info?

Thanks - H


  • try Likeys instead - they sell a load of Raidlight kit and the owner is a long time occasional forumite (littlefatwelshman) and all round nice guy. Martin is also an extreme eventer (MdS, Jungle Marathon etc) and runs the 6633 ultra in Northern Canada so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to kit for extreme events.

    Likeys also has a much broader range of brands to the site mentioned but don't know how the prices compare although I'm sure Martin could match if needed (don't tell him I said that!)
  • Harvey - have used Racekit in the past and found they had a grt range of Raidlight gear - lots of clothing options and all the backpacks & bumbags etc (I bought Endurance pack from them, as rec by RW).

    Seemed v competative price wise too, AND did compeltely free postage which is my bugbear with other sites.

  • I second craigs' comments, free postage and quick service, no problem when I  used them a month ago
  • Thanks for reminder about Racekit Harvey image Had a look at their site again after ur message last week and ordered a MSR titanium kettle/stove set at 4pm Thurs, arrived post-free the next morning! Pretty good service in anyones book image
  • Interesting... 3 people posting about the same company with their first posts.  If I was a suspicious man I would think you were spamming the forum....
  • Your way too cynical MrW - and hasn't Dronfield Runner had 59 posts? image
  • I wasn't talking about Dronfield runner.  I was talking about you.... and you know it.  Go on, fess up.  You're involved with that shop, aren't you?
  • S'funny but when I googled Raidlight just now I DIDN'T get  that Racekit website.image

     Likeys comes up tho. image

  • Hi
    You can also get Raidlight from, and it does come up on the first page of Google. Until the end of August you can use a discount code of EHH10DISC and get 10% off your purchases. Oh and yes I will be upfront, I am involved with the store,
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