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What is in a runners lunchbox that they take to work? does it vary on days that you run to days that you dont?

 Looking for ideas to add a bit more variety to my own. I usually take sandwiches, a snack bar or 2 (usually Trek or Nakd bars), a few nuts (Almonds, Brazils, Cashews) and ofcourse regularly drink water and some milk.



  • On days when I'm going to run in the evening, I take my evening meal into work with me so I can eat a couple of hours before my run. I'm eating a lot of coucous at the moment, coz it's nice hot or cold and it takes to lots of flavours.

    On Sunday we roasted a couple of lamb shanks over finely diced veggies (aubergine, sweetcorn, courgettes, carrots, red onion, couple of cloves of garlic) then I mixed the veggies with some cooked couscous and one of the lamb shanks shredded. It was absolutely delicious by the time I wolfed it down on Monday night.  Last night's effort was a little less inspiring (couscous, feta, chilli, cherry toms, red wine vineger, EV olive oil and scullions) but good none the less.

    Next week I'm planning something with sweet potatoes and salmon, probably few bits of broccoli thrown in, dressed with red wine vinegar.  Might think about a sausage pasta salad too, with lots of radishes and a mustard dressing.

  • My lunchboxes tend to be:

     Tinned mackerel or sardines on toast mmmmmm................

    Or stick a jacket pot in micro and have a tin of weight watcher tuna and mayo

    Toast with sliced bananas or baked beans on.

    Weight watcher soup with wholemeal bread

    Left over homemade chicken noodle or bacon and lentil soup

    Left over chicken with salad

  • They make my egg mayo sarnie look so boring!!!

  • Yep., a vote here for cous-cous.  I usually mix in some bacon & then a combo of tinned/frozen/leftover fresh veg & salad is lurking at home.

    Another fave for cold or wet days is baked beans with instant mashed spud.  How my colleagues laughed, but I could tell they were actually jealous of my retro 1970's stylie lunch.

  • I'm not good at lunch.

    Run in the morning, Muesli for breakfast.  For Lunch a pot of mixed nuts and raisins (currently dried cherrys instead of raisins) Fresh pinepple, coffee and water. Then dinner could be anything but never take away. Then a few bits of chocolate and a cup of tea before bed!

    it's the same every day, run or no run, because what I eat at lunchtime has no effect on how well fuelled I am at 6AM next day.

     Weekends vary greatly.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I always have lunch quite late - about three o'clock usually, after I've been to the gym. 

    I mostly have a home-made sandwich for lunch, but sometimes couscous, or pasta and pesto or another sauce (cold, made the night before).  I snack on fruit during the day.

    When I've got a run in the evening, I usually have a banana on the train on the way home, and a no-sugar Dr Pepper for the caffeine. and maybe a couple of oatcakes when I get in.

  • I've just had a mini pack of veggie sushi, pot of edamame beans (new addiction) and mini carton of covent garden tomato soup.  350 cals all in but very tasty.  At the moment I'm calorie counting so ensuring that every last calorie I consume is worth it!
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