best gps watch????



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    305 is fantastic.... but they don't make them any more image.  The profiteers have pushed the price up to around the same as the new 310XT (about 180 quid), so I'm going to go for the latter when the price is right (it's waterproof, has great battery life and is very similar to the 305).

    I'm glad to say I picked up a 310xt with HRM for 150 quid in the Amazon lightning sales.  Well chuffed, but I've got to wait until Christmas Day to start using it image  Not long now.

  • touie what's the advantage of the suunto?  Why do you prefer it so much?  (I'm thinking of buying a gps heart rate watch and am flummoxed by the number of options out there...)

  • I don't actually have the HR monitor that goes with my watch! But for my needs it seems to be more accurate than the Garmin's were when I check the distance at the end of a race, the battery can last for 50 hours with GPS, it usually takes a couple of seconds to get GPS signal, you can wear it as a normal watch and access the altimeter and compass without the gps, the navigational functions are superior! You would need to compare it to the Garmin Fenix rather than the 205 or 305 though as they are most similar! That said i prefer the look of the Suunto Ambit the Fenix looks slightly chunkier and less rounded!

  • Hillary - go to and read the very in-depth reviews of the Suunto's and the Garmins.  

    It very much depends on what you will be doing with the watch.  The site says that the Suunto Ambit, for example, is aimed at ultra runners and not at triathletes or casual runners.

    I find the reviews on that site are very informative.  They helped me a lot with my buying decision.  After all, GPS watches are not cheap, so it pays to know what you're looking for.

  • After much reading of the reviews on that site I went for the garmin 610.  It certainly does the job.

    Thanks all.

  • Has anyone tried the 310XT? Apparently it has a 20 hour battery life and is swim proof!!! I had kind of thought about trading my 305 in for one but not sure if it is worth it!

  • I'm using a 310XT now having bought it used off a chap at work, going cheap (I couldn't resist). I used to have the 305 (my wife inherited that).

    I like the 310xt a lot. It's predominantly a Tri orientated watch. While i use it for cycling and running I've not swam with it. 

    To be honest, if you are happy with your 305 I wouldn't bother unless you can get a good price on it. While features like the vibrate alert are good and the calories algorithm is better (uses heart rate etc) it isn't that much better than the 305. I'm sure the accuracy and speed of the GPS lock was better on the 305 too. Not that the 310 is bad you understand just that 305 seemed a bit more reliable.

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