Here I go again!

Well I finally stopped thinking about it and got out and did it. This step was hard enough after a 2 year lay off. The even harder bit now is maintaining it??!!

I did some running at School and then the next 20+ years have been a hit and miss affair - mainly miss. My longest stint has been about 2/3 months although there have been many lengthy gaps (years!) in between. A mixture of injuries over the last 12 years and the decision to stop altogether, 2 years ago bring me up to date.

I packed up owing to injury and stayed away "because I'm injured". I've decided to give it another go and see what happens?

Okay for those still awake that was the abridged version of my running life and now I'm here for advice

I've bought the trainers (full price and not the 'on sale' - there's a first) and I've applied to a running club (another first). Yesterday I did a 20 minute jog with 10 minutes of walking either side and am looking forward to my next run.

I've looked at the beginners guide(s) and yet I can't quite find one that applies to me. I don't want to do speed sessions (for now anyway) and I feel I should be able to do more running than walking. Should I just do a 20 minute run(sprinkled with walking) 2-3 times a week for the next few months - see how I go and if I'm still going, look for change?

Comments will be much appreciated




  • New boy to the site.

    Can someone point me to the training log?


  • Pass on the log.

    I restarted again this year - 8 mins 3 times a week - no walking which I grew to 20 mins each time on a treadmill. each session was supported by weights and x-training aerobic machines. Then I moved outside as I was fitter, stronger and desparate to get some miles in.

    I added a long run 6 weeks ago.

    Last week was my first speed session some 9 months after I started. I'd grown my miles by 1 a week ish to 20 before taking on the new stress.

    I have never run for 9 months in one year, nor have I gone injury free since being an adult. I'm now planning a first race and am very happy cause I'm a runner :-)

    Good luck and go slowly - it may take longer but you will get there in the end.
  • Mij,

    Thanks for your reply and advice re progress. I intend(and hope I stick to it) to take this approach, as my last bout of running(2 years ago) consisted of trying to improve my time every time I stepped onto the treadmill.
    I'm not knocking treadmills (I'm a fan) just my former approach to running.

    Good luck with finding your first race and I'll look out for your update when you've done it.


  • Hi HFTB,

    First of all, well done for getting started again. This is actually the hardest part! Make sure that as much running as possible you do now is ENJOYABLE! Don't bust a gut trying to improve your times every'll just end up getting injured again and getting really depressed. Have you got any targets in mind, even if it's just a 5K sometime? I'm surprised you can't find a schedule that suits you as there are loads out there and many on this site...keep looking and you'll find one. In the meantime, yes you could keep doing your 20 minute runs for a while and then step up. Make sure you don't run the same route every time though (or if you're on a treadmill, try and get outside for one session a week), otherwise you'll get bored in a hurry! There's loads of beginners info. on this site which you might find useful.

    Have fun and enjoy.

  • Cheers DW,

    My current target is to look back at the end of the year - injury free, having run 2-3 times a week. All being well I'll take it from there!

  • HFTB

    We have similar life histories (although it's a bit more than 20 years since I left school) I started again early this year. I haven't tried to follow any formal training plan beyond going out at least once a week and keeping a log of all my runs (date, distance, time, route - nothing clever). I have also set myself a long term goal of completing the 2004 London Marathon in under 4:22 & to raise £20k for Hope for Children - by telling people about my goal I keep up my motivation (coz I don't want you all to know I've failed!).

    The one thing I've done this time that I haven't done before is enter local races as part of my training - I'm really enjoying running in a field of people occassionally to mix with my solo runs. I think you should find yourself a 5k (or 5 mile) run and use that as your first target - it worked for me. As Dog Walker says - the most important thing is to enjoy yourself
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