How's the hayfever?

Did some speedwork tonight and my lungs were bursting! The hayfever is incredibly prolific at the moment and I just wanted to sympathise with any fellow sufferers!

I seem to be getting better, but speedwork in these high times is interesting!
It's supposed to be 9 on the pollen index tomorrow (our of a possible 10) so batten down the hatches, runners!


  • Whoops, the snot prevented me from typing 'out of a possible 10'! Curses!
  • Where do you find a pollen index, sorry if it is a dim question.

    I too suffer badly from hayfever and also asthma so you have my sympathy.

    So far this year it has not been as bad as usual, I wonder if it will appear later on in the summer?
  • NL, have you tried Zirtek? I find it the best one, and no drowsiness (other than my current TATT syndrome!).
  • Glad its not just me - about to give up on the stuff the doctor gives me and suffer with no dignity at all...
    Would love to get out today in the great weather but the thought of allthose fields I usually run past.......
    wonder if there are any SARS masks free????
  • Sassie

    I tried Zirtek and it didn't work at all!

    I have tried clarytin which is good and now have a new one - cant see the trade name but it is Levocetirizine!

    So far so good!
  • I have hayfever and asthma, so can definitely sympathise !!! I always wear my sunglasses when running, but being out in the sticks, it gets dark in the woods and I have to take them off or end up tripping on tree roots!!
    I use chinese herbal tablets, 36 a day for two weeks, and touch wood (twice because it's Friday 13th!) they work really well for me.

    Off running tonight, but partner is following on his bike, so will load him up with tissues and eye drops and goodness only knows what else!!
  • Suze

    Is that 36 tablets a day?!
  • Yep, Indeed 36 tablets a day!! 12 for breakfast, 12 for lunch and twelve for tea!!
    I know, it sound awful, but they're only small and it's only for two weeks. Also because I have to take three different inhalers for my asthma, I don't want to take more prescription drugs for my hayfever. So, my kitchen is full of books of alternative remedies for everything you can imagine! Some work, some don't and what works for one person may not work for another. But hey, it's worth a go just to be able to take to the woods and fields without feeling too yucky!
  • Help-I have been suffering badly from hayfever this year since about mid-April so all of you fellow sufferers have my sympathy.I also picked up a sinus infection which my doc said was caused by the hayfever.My symptoms are blocked sinuses and a very muzzy/thick head plus a general feeling of lethargy(and feeling very pissed off because I can't run much-excuse language!).Anyone else get symptoms like these?Anyway this weekend the pollen index hit 9 so I knew it would be bad but stupidly(I thought I was being tough)I went out for a run at 8.30 when I thought it would be coolest and it took me all day to recover.I felt sick,dizzy,weak and extremely thirsty all day.Also this year I have twice had asthma-like symptoms while out running i.e. tight wheezy chest,shortness of breath etc.I am not aware of being asthmatic.Can you have exercise-induced asthma in the hayfever season because this has been worrying me a bit.I do not get these symptoms at any other time of the year only April-July.Help....Any suggestions?I think the best time of day for me to run is later on in the evening as I can't cope at all in the mornings when my symptoms are worse.
    I would be grateful for any suggestions
    P.s. I take a beconase nasal spray twice a day and cetirizine.I am considering trying homeopathic treatment in desperation.
  • AardvarkAardvark ✭✭✭

    I get the asthma-type symptoms as well. I don't know of any treatment for it except for general hayfever remedies - cutting it out at the real cause seems to be the only way. How badly do you get it? Mine isn't bad enough to stop me running these days (it used to be), but it can still slow me down.

    I usually find that my hayfever gets worse through the day, so morning runs are definitely the way to go for me. If only I could get my club to do 7:00am sessions...

  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I can understand only too well I have asthma and hayfever,did my long run yesterday when I came back was feeling sick tired and just ill.Today could not run this am My best time so just tried too run only made 15 minutes and had a slight asthma way will I do this again.Its just not fair...I too wish club night was club morning 6am suits me...LOL

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Hi Aardvark/Welsh Poppy,
    I had a run at 9.15am today and I was a lot better than Sunday because:
    a.It was cloudy-I am always much worse with the sun glaring down.
    b. Pollen count has dropped from 9 to 7 where I live in South Wales.
    I am experimenting with different times of day and routes.I ran past fields and through grassy areas Sunday.Today I ran half on/Half off road and it was better.Its a real pain because I hate road running and my natural tendency is to head for the fields and grassy paths.But I think this is a definite NO in the summer from now on!Some days I actually feel better later on,rather than when I have just got out of bed.
    My asthma-type symptoms do not actually stop me from running thank God(or I'd go mad!)but I just have to slow down and avoid any hard runs.Racing is out until the cooler weather.
    If I stay out too long or push myself I can spend the whole day feeling sick and weak, so I just have to be sensible.
    I have always been terrible in the heat.I don't sweat and get dehydrated very easily.Once or twice I have almost collapsed running when its hot and the pollen count is high.
    How are you guys out there todayI have started my homeopthic treatment so I'll let you know how it goes,
  • AardvarkAardvark ✭✭✭
    I'm finding morning runs essential at the moment, to avoid the heat more than anything. Evenings are sometimes still too warm.

    Pin, I'm finding the same problems with staying away from the roads. I tend to do my longer runs on cycle paths or a canal bank, both of which have lots of evil, pollen-producing plants around them. I find that at this time of year I just have to run by how I feel - if my breathing is going to be bad I'll know within five minutes of setting off, so just have to pull back and do what I can.

    One bonus of all this though: running at 7:30 in the morning there are no dogs/daft kids etc to spoil the views!

    This is just a thought and it might be totally useless to you, but are you anywhere near the coast? The seafront air is sometimes a bit easier on the hayfever than it is further inland.
  • Aardvark,
    Thanks for the helpful advice.Yes I actually live 2 minutes away from sea/cliffs which is fantastic usually but at the moment I have sea on one side of the cliffpath and fields full of cut grass/hay on the other.I can run along a sort of esplanade/cliffwalk for about 2 milesin the other direction but it gets very crowded unless you get out early.It's so difficult isn't it to find a suitable route at this time of year.
    Hopefully once we get into July the pollen won't be so virulent.Although I still suffer from the heat and look forward to September !!
    I have read on a medical site on the internet that pollen rises between 8 and 9 am and late afternoon and to avoid going out at those times.Trouble is these are the times of day most popular for us runners!!But I have started running at 9.30 to allow more time for the pollen to settle.
    I have been on homeopathic treatment since Tuesday and have been feeling a lot better but this may just be that the pollen count has dropped.Funny thing is I have stopped using my beconase spray this week and it has not made any difference.So I am beginning to wonder if this homeopathy might really work!!
    You're right about the breathing though,I usually know within the first mile if I am going to have a bad day and have to take it really steady if my chest is tight.A GP friend of mine suggested a medication called 'Singulair'(trade name) so you could see your own doc.and ask him for a prescription of this.It is supposed to help exercise-induced asthma,
    Let me know how you are feeling,
  • Second time I've tried Clarytyne, has no effect whatsoever. Benadryl, barely takes away the dripping nose, but eyse still itch like crazy. Don't want to sleep during the day, so can't take Pririton. Any suggestions?
  • Pin and others, I've tried those homeopathic remedies, such as the 'New something-or-other' where the tiny pills melt under your tongue, and apart from being annoying having to count them all out, they didn't seem to have any benefit.

    If you read my other thread contributions on the subject, nettle tea (with honey) is quite useful, and running in the day (as opposed to evening and morning, because the pollen rises into the sky at these times, so it is high up in the middle of the day).

    At the moment, I am taking Benadryl (2-3 times a day) plus a Beclotide preventative inhaler for EIA (exercise induced asthma) and this seems to work, and apart from some wheeziness in the morning (pre-inhale and window open at night!), so don't give up running for the sake of snot!

    I find that running alleviates the symptoms somewhat, but comes back when you stop. So, keep running, and you'll feel great!
  • Tall Girl..... just resist the eye itching!

    A old tip from my younger days was to chill out and lie down (an evening activity) with cucumber slices on my eyelids. Your eyes instantly cool down and feel wondrous!

    And no, it doesn't work with carrot slices, or other foodstuffs, you could try it, but you look ridiculous (trust me, I know)!
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Hi guys

    been a bad week for me with asthma and hayfever and had too abort run on monday .I could not breath had too walk back slowly after 15 minute run and was in bed all day.This was a 2.30 run never again I usually go 5-6AM and it is the best time too run.

    Roll on September I hate the heat!!!

    Do you all keep window open at night? I dont and want too see if this helps at the moment not getting a full nights sleep so tired and dont feel like running in the morning.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • My hayfever has been worse this year. It really is annoying when I want to go for a run, and my eyes and the back of my throat start itching.
    With the weather being so warm, you have to sleep with the windows open just to get to sleep, which does mean you are breathing even more pollen in.
  • From what I understand there are two general antihistamines available off the shelf - loratadine, and cetrizine hydrochloride (or cetrizine dihydrochloride, same stuff). The names on the packet could be anything, it's the active ingredient that's important. They often have different effects on different people. My husband and I take different ones (I take the cetrizine and he takes the loratadine) and I haven't had any trouble with hayfever this year, but he's been sniffling for days - just depends on what works for you, and what pollen you're particularly sensitive to.

    It seems to me that this years pollen count has not only been high but the pollen type has been one that more people have been susceptible to.

    Another thing that I've found is that if you take an antihistamine after the hayfever has started then it has a tougher time to deal with it. I try to start taking the 'one-a-day' pills at the first hint of a high pollen count and keep going every day until autumn. It keeps me from the sniffles and wheezing.

    I have found in the past that if I get itchy eyes, if I wash my hands thoroughly with cold soap and water then rubbing my eyes wasn't too bad. If you don't wash your hands first you can make it soooooo much worse.
  • I suffer terribly and take Clarytin (on prescription) but this year I started to take the tablets from 1st April and touch wood i've hardly suffered......usually it wears me out before I even get to the track!

  • FYI...Clarytin contains loratadine...
  • I've been bad this year. It seems to be affecting my head and throat as well as nose and eyes (or maybe I have a bug as well). Taking Zirtek at the moment which is helping a bit.

    What I used to find helpful was an ioniser. Used to have it on my desk at work and next to the bed at night and it worked wonders. Trouble it is broke some time ago and haven't got round to replacing it.
  • oes hayfever make anybody else feel tired or as if they have a cold when they have a bad day ? i know its an immnue reponse so wonderif all the chemicals whizzing around make the whole body feel lousy ? anyone else get this ?
  • On a bad day I can feel quite fluey. Just want to lie down in the dark and go to sleep
  • passed on the free 'breath easy' strips from the R4L to hayfever-suffering partner and that and benydryl (sp?) seems to be working well for once. It's also stopped a lot of snoring (although that could be the pillow across his face......)
  • Went to the drs today and was 'given' and inhaler. Never had one before. Not sure yet how effective it is going to be.
  • As long as you use it properly it should make you're life much more comfortable
  • I have found this my worst year yet, despite overdosing on antihistamines, nasal sprays, eye drops...
    In the past I've just had v itchy swollen eyes and like a heavy cold, but seem to be wheezing as well this year, especially after exercise outside.
    But I still love summer and all this great hot weather!
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