• You can tell this fella is a bit pissed off as he has written it in CAPITALS. You can see him shouting down the web...

    Come on RW.....

  • If you think that's bad....

    As them why they've put my subscription up by 40% when inflation is 2.5%?imageimageimage

    I can feel a cancellation coming on.

    If you bite the hand that feeds you RW - you starve.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Liverbird's really pissed off.  Check out the use of bold and italics together!

    Come on RW!


  • Thank you for the heads-up on this guys.... I was considering the idea of a subscription myself, but together with my recent experience of the "North Korean" style forum and reading this has made my mind up for me..... there are plenty of other sources on the internet I can turn to for support and good advice without spending my money on Runners World.


  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    wtf is a 'North Korean style forum'??
  • I was wondering that myself... image
  • Perhaps it's meant to imply that the forum is a totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship...

    Like the "People's Republic of RW"... image

  • It`s basically where you put a link to a website that promotes a series of DVD`s for treadmill training:

    oops... did it again. They call it spam and when you try to defend yourself, suggesting that it is purely to improve your fitness levels and motivate yourself further..... they take the thread offline.

    I`m just letting people know that this exists, some may find it beneficial, especially if you have home access to a treadmill with a tv/dvd set up nearby.

    Please bear in mind that I am not an offensive guy in any way, never use bad language and justified myself the best I could.

    They just shot me down in cold blood....... "North Korean" style!

  • This is hilarious. Although points for trying to avoid Godwin's Law by picking an alternative oppressive regime.
  • Alavana, we have problems on this forum with spam.  People arriving and immediately posting links to websites that they have an interest in.  This is against the T&Cs of the forum and it pisses off the residents.  We have two approaches to spamming.  The first is to get angry and abusive.  The second is to take the piss out of them.  Sometimes we do both.


    Now, look at your first post.  Everything about it suggests that it is spam.  You have arrived on the forum, you haven't introduced yourself and you haven't participated in any discussions.  Instead you have posted about a product and linked to a website.

    So, can you see why we were less than welcoming?

    If you genuinely aren't a spammer then please accept our apologies and please contribute to the forum (note the word "contribute").  If, however, you are linked to the Spinervals organisation then please go away and don't come back.

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Alavana, your  'oops, did it again' suggests that you are knowingly breaching the T+C of this site rather than innocently posting something you think might be helpful.
  • I am genuine, and you could have expressed the above in the first related post, instead of pi**ing me off!

    I explained my intentions from the beginning, please don`t tar all new forum people with the same brush, it`s not fair!

    I am new to this forum and will contribute more over time but as regards a subscription.... no thank you.

    Apologies accepted!

  • Soooooooooooooo I'm confused, are you or aren't you a spamming little monkey who is trying to cover up the spam with some batter & some ketchup Alavana???

    I was thinking about buying the book, when you get it Just Run can you let me know if it's worth spending is it £9.99 on it???

  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    Liverbird's really pissed off.  Check out the use of bold and italics together!

    Come on RW!


    I so am Philpub! LOL! image
  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    I will give you my honest opinion CazSoul, i just hope its of more interest and more help than recent editions of the magazine, which have been pretty CRAP, IF THEY PUT ANY MORE ADVERTS IN IT I WILL BLOODY SCREAM!
  • My subscription is offski as soon as I work out how exactly I can cancel it. The mag recently (bar one or two interesting articles) has been pretty pants to be honest.
  • @ CazSoul

    No, I am not, I`m genuine as already mentioned.

    It was a case of being mistaken for one and having the mickey taken out of me for defending myself.

    Sooner or later, this will be realised and it will become apparent that on this occasion they got it badly wrong and soooooo wrongly accused a new forum member of being a spammer.

    I now consider the matter closed, yet, as before, if I come across something interesting that I think forum members might benefit from, I will continue to provide the information via a website link, together with an explanation, just as this was the case with the previous incident.

    The only thing that will have changed is it will no longer be my first post.

    If I am guilty of anything, it may be that I am jejune in the way forums work in the way they suspect people of spamming.

    On the subject of the book, it is very informative and makes good reading, but I would order it from another source...... (no website links included this time, for the sake of putting an end to this stupidity.)

  • Ive got the book and find it an interesting resource, Its basically a tidy version of articles which have previously been published in the magazine.
    If you have a subscription for more than a year you will find very little new in it imho but it is nicely presented.

  • The magazine can only say so much, that's the shame about it.

    There will be 

    • Sob story, someone disadvanted and now running again
    • Some bizzare sounding recipie
    • Pages of how to lose weight
    • The 'ONE' thing you should do to avoid injury
    • One generally good article, be it ultra/sky/trail running
    • Advert
    • Advert
    • Advert
    • etc.....
    • Charity bond places for all those races you can't enter due to f***ing charities
    • 12 pages of classifieds
  • I've got the book and found it as a excellent door-stopper. Even better use for killing flies.
  • Thats a pretty good summary of the mag sprint - i too will be cancelling my subscription!
  • ha, no worries - I aim to please image
  • Is there anyone left subscribing then?
  • I think i might be next to cancel. Have been thinking about it for the last few months, mind was made up after there was no review on the 2nd biggest marathon in Britain - Edinburgh. This was my first marathon and i was looking forward to reading about it. Running Fitness seems a better read these day. Anyone agree?
  • My mum's the one who has the subscription - I just read  the interesting bits afterwards (I also nicked her RW account, hence the subscriber tag image).

    There was one feature a few mags ago about ultra running which was interesting, aside from that it's pretty much the same every edition - Sprint has it bang on.

    The training sections are rubbish, focusing on the one "magic workout" that will help you to lose 10 stone, knock 18 hours off your marathon time AND help resolve all world conflicts. Oh, and it takes less than 15 seconds to perform.

    I'd rather get my training help from those on the forums who KNOW what they're talking about. Also the banter is good here image

  • I given up on RW after 17 years buying the mag. It gone so downmarket. It copy the format
    of Men's Health and applying it to RW. Its not a proper running mag anymore. Just a fitness
    lifestyle mag.

  • I think there's too much emphasis on people new to running. I know we all started somewhere and you absolutely cannot neglect the beginners (and I would never want to) but I'm not a beginner, nor am I an elite runner. I'm not even a good runner! I'm an improver who doesn't get enough help with improving.

    Does that make any sense or is it too soon after my first cup of tea to be coherent?image

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭
    Very, vert true runnerman.................................and my BOOK IS STILL NOT HERE...........image
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    Just Run - Rw towers do not read any part of the forum other than 'website bugs'. It might be worth you starting a thread there to get their attention, I have seen similar instances where that has got someone to look into the situation.
  • Interestingly, I`ve just got hold of the American version, September issue of Runner`s World (pdf issue) and it`s far better than the UK version, obviously the dates/venues are of no use but with regards to the layout, content and structure, it`s far superior!

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