football, how far do you run???

I play 5 a side footie for 1:30 once a week and wondered how far I run during this time and what kind of training it represents? I ave 160 bpm (from a 196 hrmax) over the period (icluding say 12 mins in goal) so the intensity is reasonable. Will it help my 5k training?


  • I've read somewhere that footballers (professional) cover around 5 miles during a 90 minute match at paces ranging from walking to flat out sprinting. Similar to fartlek traingin ?>
  • I've read that it's about 3 miles. But perhaps that is for us amateurs, while Beckham et al do the 5 miles. If it's 3 or 5, it will definitely help your training. Unless you're the goalkeeper!
  • I try hard not to be the goalie, but we tend to take it in turns. I deliberatly run around as much as possible to try and make it harder training (and cos the guys I play with can't defend for toffee). I can peak at 183 bpm which is above my aerobic threshold, so it must be doing me some good. I just want to try and avoid injury.
  • oh, and has anyone noticed how similar this site is to ? if anyone needs helpful advice on cycling, be it for x training or due to injury, the forum is particularly helpful (especially marco who posts in the road and touring section)
  • After the WC qualifying game, England V Greece game I remember Terry Venables raving about the amount of distance covered by David Beckham during the 90minutes. Apparently Beckham ran around 12km (7.5miles), which Venables said was much more than most players. I guess it's not bad considering the stop-start nature of football.
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    My sons are footballers and the eldest (18) can cover 5k in 17 mins off his football training. He does no other running apart from his training. My youngest is more a sprinter (midfield player)

    In a game they must cover a few miles and it's definitely the kind of running conducive to explosive fast running like 5k or track.
  • Not far enough if you're the Aston Villa keeper
  • Try being a rugby ref, I'm told the average is 8k - 4 forwards, 1 backwards, 3 sideways!
  • I play Sunday league football. During the summer I have kept my fitness up with my running. I tend to cover 10K a few times a week. We are now playing pre-season friendlies (3 games so far) and my fast explosive running has improved once again. I feel that I've got my pace back. I've also cut my 10K time by about 2 minutes because I am running the last few miles at a much higher pace and am managing to maintain it. Football definitely helps your short distance running!!!

    I've applied for the london marathon. I'm hoping that increasing the distance of my running doesn't affect my short explosive running or I'll be spending a lot of time on the bench.
  • Rio Ferdinad in suppose to cover an average of 10K per match 5 times more than a striker and 3 more than a midfielder.
  • Rio Ferdinand in suppose to cover an average of 10K per match 5 times more than a striker and 3 more than a midfielder.
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